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Joseph DeMasi, PhD
Director, Medical and Molecular Biology Program
Associate Professor of Biology

School of Arts and Sciences - F262


School of Arts & Sciences

Medical and Molecular Biology (BS)
Premedical & Health Studies (BS)

BS, Carnegie Mellon University
PhD, Cornell University

Areas of Teaching
Molecular and cellular biology

Scholarly Interests
Cancer biology
Virus-host interactions
Science education

Peer-Reviewed Articles & Book Chapters
De Souza-Hart, J.A., DeMasi, J. and D.C. Anderson. Reality-Check: Helping Pre-Health Students Evaluate and Work Towards Their Career Goals through a Health Professions Seminar. The Advisor. NAAHP Press. March 2010; 30(1)."

"Begley, G.S., DeMasi, J., De Souza-Hart, J.A., Reichard-Brown, J. and D.L. Thurlow. Medical Competency and Premedical Curricular Dialogues in Atlanta GA. The Advisor. NAAHP Press. September 2010.

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DeMasi J., Huh, K-W., Nakatani, Y., Munger , K. and Howley, P.M. (2005). Bovine papillomavirus E7 transformation function correlates with cellular p600 protein binding. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 102(32), 11486-11491.

Huh, K-W., DeMasi J., Ogawa, H., Howley, P.M., Nakatani, Y. and Munger , K. (2005). Association of the human papillomavirus type 16 E7 oncoprotein with the 600 kDa retinoblastoma-protein associated factor, p600. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 102(32), 11492-11497.

DeMasi, J., Du, S., Lennon, D., and Traktman, P. (2001). Vaccinia virus telomeres: interactions with the viral I1, I6 and K4 proteins. J. Virology, 75(21), p. 10090-10105.

Punjabi, A., Boyle, K., DeMasi, J., Grubisha, O., Unger, B., Khanna, M., and Traktman, P. (2001). Clustered charge-to-alanine mutagenesis of the vaccinia virus A20 gene: temperature-sensitive mutants have a DNA-minus phenotype and are defective in the production of processive DNA polymerase. J. Virology, 75(24), p. 12308-12318.

DeMasi, J. and Traktman, P. (2000). Clustered charge-to-alanine mutagenesis of the vaccinia virus H5 gene: isolation of a dominant, temperature-sensitive mutant with a profound defect in morphogenesis. J. Virology, 74(5), p. 2393-2405.

Traktman, P., Lu, K., DeMasi, J., Rollins, R., Jesty, S. and Unger, B. (2000). Elucidating the essential role of the A14 phosphoprotein in vaccinia virus morphogenesis: construction and characterization of a tetracycline-inducible recombinant. J. Virology, 74(8), p. 3682-3695.