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Alfred Garafalo, PhD
Professor of Chemistry

School of Arts and Sciences - F215


School of Arts & Sciences

Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Chemistry (BS/MS)

BA, Northeastern University, Boston, Mass.
PhD, Northeastern University, Boston, Mass.

Areas of Teaching


Scholarly Interests

Curriculum development based on constructivist learning theory

Trusteees Award for Excellence in Teaching (One of only two faculty members to win the award twice.)

Nominated for Carnegie Foundation Professor of the Year, 2005

Faculty Scholarly Publication Award: 2006, 2004, 2003, 2002

Garafalo, F., E. DePierro, & R. Toomey (2008) "Helping Students to Make Sense of Logarithms and Logarithmic Relationships", Journal of Chemical Education, 85 (9), 1226 - 1228.

"Insights Obtained through the Study of a Concentration Cell," by R. Toomey, E. DePierro, and F. Garafalo, The Chemical Educator, 2007, 12, 67-70, S1430-4171(07)22008-2, Published on the Web, April, 2007.

Garafalo, F. and E. DePierro, (2005). Some Insights Regarding a Popular Introductory Gas Law Experiment, Journal of Chemical Education, 82(8), 1194-1196.

Garafalo, F., et. al., (2003). Using a Socratic Dialog to Help Students Construct Fundamental Concepts,, Journal of Chemical Education, 80 (12), 1408-1416.

Garafalo, F. and R. Toomey, (2003). Linking Chemistry with Physics - Oppportunities in a Constructivist Classroom.. Chemical Education: Research & Practice, 4, No. 2, 189-204.

Garafalo, F., et. al., (2001). Helping Students to Make Inferences about the Atomic Realm by Delaying the Presentation of Atomic Structure,, Chemical Education: Research & Practice in Europe, 2, No. 3, 183-202. http://www.uoi.gr/cerp/2001_October/03.html

Garafalo, F., et. al., (2000). Encouraging Meaningful Quantitative Problem Solving,, Journal of Chemical Education, 77 (9), 1166-1173.

LoPresti, V., F. Garafalo, and K. Ondhia, (1994). Multi-Tier Question Groups for an Integrated HyperCard Natural Science Stack Library,, Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching, 13 (3), 303-320.

LoPresti, V., and F. Garafalo, (1994). Global Organizing Themes for Biology Students,, American Biology Teacher, 56 (6), 342-346.

Garafalo, F., and V. C. LoPresti, (1993). "Evolution of an Integrated College Freshman Curriculum: Using Educational Research Findings as a Guide," J. Chem. Educ., 70 (5), 353.

Current Professional Memberships, Service & Leadership
American Chemical Society
Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society
Manuscript Reviewer: Journal of Chemical Education; Chemical Education: Research and Practice
Committee of Examiners, GRE in Chemistry
Manuscript reviewer for "The Chemical Educator"

Personal Interests