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Matthew Silva, PharmD, RPh, BCPS
Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacy Practice - 19 Foster Street, DBEN 503
School of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy - Worcester/Manchester

Pharmacy (PharmD)

PharmD, Northeastern University

Professional Licensure/Certification
Basic Life Support
Registered Pharmacist, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
APhA Pharmacist Immunization Certification
Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist

Areas of Teaching
Pharmacy Practice in Family Medicine
Primary Care/Ambulatory Care
Chronic Disease Management
Outpatient Cardiology
Evidence based medicine
Biostatistics and meta-analysis

Scholarly Interests
Pharmacy practice in Family Medicine
Primary Care
Prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases
Diabetes prevention and management
Outcomes research and pharmacoeconomics
EBM, biostatistics and meta-analysis
Technology in the classroom

Peer-Reviewed Articles & Book Chapters
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Current Professional Memberships, Service & Leadership
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP)
American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP)
American Society of Health-System Pharmacy (ASHP)

Personal Interests
Computing and medical informatics