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Center for Professional Career Development


Planning a Brilliant Career

At MCPHS University, we give you the education and skills to best prepare you for a career in healthcare. It is also our goal to offer you the best job search resources to help you land your dream job in your chosen field of study. 

The Center for Professional Career Development (CPCD) provides individualized advising, training, and more. By utilizing the services of the Center, students will become proficient in defining their goals and equipping themselves with the tools to gain access to the industries and careers of their choice.

How We Help You Land Your Dream Job

  • Individualized professional advising sessions
  • Industry-specific information and resources
  • Training on how to conduct a professional and effective job search
  • Hands-on professional experiences to support personal goals and career success
  • Access to our worldwide network of nearly 20,000 alumni

Our Services

The CPCD offers an online service that will make employer information and opportunities more accessible to MCPHS University students 24/7. The CPCD actively identifies and partners with companies and organizations that seek MCPHS University students for their academic, personal, and career preparation. Through these partnerships we offer:

  • Community service partnerships
  • Internship opportunities
  • Summer employment
  • Fellowships

Our Toolbox

Triaging - assessing and responding to students' needs and interests individually

Advising - providing guidance and support specific for individuals regarding academic issues/goals and career development

Online Resources - offer self-help/self-start information and tools so students can access at times convenient to them

Referrals - directing students to existing campus resources for an integration of services to best meet and support students' needs

Connections - to faculty, employers, and community organizations through multiple mediums and program opportunities

Preparation - skills specific to the process of researching, pursuing, and negotiating career opportunities

Clarification - addressing students' questions by clarifying processes and available services in collaboration with student organizations and departments across campus

Have additional questions? Please contact the CPCD Office at 617.274.3395 or email us at