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University Catalog


The MCPHS University Catalog provides detailed information about the University and its programs and courses offerings across the Boston, Manchester, Worcester and Online campuses.

 2014-2015 University Catalog
 2013-2014 University Catalog
 2012-2013 University Catalog
 2011-2012 University Catalog
 2010-2011 University Catalog 
 2009-2010 University Catalog
 2008-2009 University Catalog
 2007-2008 University Catalog

This catalog is intended to provide working guidelines and descriptions of the general and academic policies of the University applicable to students. It is not intended and cannot be construed as a contract or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, and the University may change, delete or add to these guidelines unilaterally in its sole discretion and without notice. The University also reserves the right to determine the applicability of any policy to a particular situation or set of circumstances and to depart from the guidelines contained herein in a given case.

This catalog supersedes any previous catalog, policies or practices relating to students. It is the responsibility of the students to know and understand the University's policies. The University may from time to time acquire or develop new programs, or expand its offerings in other locations, including distance learning programs, and the guidelines in this catalog shall apply to all such programs and locations. Students are expected to know the contents of this catalog relating to their program of study, and should consult this website for any changes made to the catalog since the latest printing. Additional guidelines and policies are contained in the individual course syllabi. Students are expected to know the contents of the course syllabi relating to their program of study.