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Postbaccalaureate & Certificate Programs


Ready to take the next step?

Looking to Transition into a Different Healthcare Field?

MCPHS University offers accelerated programs designed specifically for students holding a previously-earned bachelor's degree who wish to do just that. Several postbaccalaureate certificate programs are also available. Let MCPHS University be your ticket to a reenergized career.

Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene (Postbaccalaureate BS)  (Boston, Worcester)

School of Medical Imaging and Therapeutics

Computed Tomography (CT) (Advanced Certificate)  (Boston)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography-General (Postbac BS)  (Boston, Worcester)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography-Echo (Postbac BS)  (Boston, Worcester)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Advanced Certificate Online  (Online)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (Postbaccalaureate BS)  (Boston)

Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) (Postbaccalaureate BS)  (Boston)

Radiation Therapy (RTT) (Postbaccalaureate BS)  (Boston)

Radiography (Postbaccalaureate BS)  (Boston)

School of Nursing

Nursing (Postbaccalaureate BSN)  (Manchester, Worcester)

School of Pharmacy - Boston

Pharmacy Pathway (Postbaccalaureate PharmD)  (Online)