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Nursing (MSN) Family Nurse Practitioner Track

Campus: Worcester , Manchester
School: School of Nursing

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Residency Requirements
MCPHS University School of Nursing

Students in the MSN programs at MCPHS University are required to complete three on-campus residencies. Attendance at all three residencies is mandatory. There are no opportunities to “opt out” of any scheduled residency. This commitment must be taken into consideration when contemplating admission into the MSN programs at MCPHS University. Students are responsible for all travel related expenses related to the three on-site residencies.

Residency I- Orientation

All MCPHS University SON students must attend an on-site orientation residency prior to beginning their respective program. This one to two day residency is held in the late spring prior to the start of the first semester of study. The residency is held on the Worcester campus of the MCPHS University. The orientation residency is designed to provide important information to enable students to succeed in the program. Additionally, students are afforded the opportunity to meet their cohort group, faculty, and staff.

Residency II- Competency Testing

All MSN students must attend the on-site competency testing residency upon completion of the advanced pathophysiology, advanced pharmacology, and advanced health assessment courses and prior to enrolling in the major clinical courses. This second on-site residency is a two-day residency and is held between the end of the spring and start of the summer semesters.

The second residency is held on the Worcester campus. Students will submit a recorded complete health history to the respective faculty prior to attending the residency. Upon arrival at the second residency, all students will successfully demonstrate the completion of a head-to-toe physical examination under the supervision of faculty. Students must successfully pass the health history and complete physical examination in order to register in subsequent clinical courses. Students will also complete the HESI 3 P Examination (Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced Pharmacology and Advanced Health Assessment) during the residency. The scores for this test are for individual benchmarking purposes and do not apply to the grade in any MSN course. Students will have the opportunity to meet with their program faculty and meet with their respective clinical faculty member.

Residency III- Final Presentations & Evaluation

All MSN students are required to complete a third and final on-site residency program on the Worcester campus. This two-day residency is scheduled in the spring of the final year of study and coincides with MCPHS University commencement exercises. Students will present their final posters/portfolios to faculty and peers. Students will also complete the HESI APN Examination a comprehensive advance practice nursing exam. The scores for this test are for individual benchmarking purposes and do not apply to the grade in any MSN course. Students will also be invited to participate in commencement taking place during this time frame on the Worcester campus.