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Premedical & Health Studies (BS)

Campus: Boston
School: School of Arts & Sciences

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Alumna Amanda Call on Life as a Pre-med/Medical Student

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Program Details

The Premedical and Health Studies major appeals to students seeking focused undergraduate preparation for various professional and graduate programs in healthcare.

This academic major includes many distinctive and helpful features to students aspiring to be healthcare practitioners:

  • An interdisciplinary health studies curriculum that balances the basic and laboratory sciences with a range of liberal arts courses
  • A seminar that introduces students to the full spectrum of professional possibilities in healthcare
  • A number of different professional pathways that facilitate entry into specific professional and graduate programs at partner universities around the country

For more information, please see our Premed FAQs.

Professional Pathways

Many students enroll in this program as they begin studies in pursuit of dental, veterinary, and medical careers, or who are considering graduate education in public health, health administration, or other health-oriented fields. We welcome these students as well as those who might be considering one of the following fields where the University has established specific agreements with professional and graduate programs in the United States.

Pathway Options

Premed Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I keep my scholarships after I transition into the professional phase of the Premedical and Health Studies Professional Pathways?

A: Yes, provided the professional phase is taught here at MCPHS University and you maintain the minimum GPA requirement of the scholarship.

Q: If I decide not to pursue the Professional Pathways, what can I do with a Bachelor of Science in Premedical & Health Studies?

A: You can go on to do research, clinical work, or pursue graduate studies in a number of areas including public health, science, business, or law. By adding a minor, your B.S. in Premedical & Health Studies becomes a very flexible degree.

Q: Does the University provide research opportunities to Premedical & Health Studies students?

A: MCPHS University has a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program (SURF), which affords research opportunities with our own faculty to qualified students. In addition, there are many opportunities in the area hospitals and research facilities, some of which are Harvard Affiliates.