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Undergraduate Academic Bridge Program – Boston

Campus: Boston
School: English Language Academy

Undergraduate Academic Bridge Program – Boston

The Academic Bridge Program at MCPHS University is offered on the Boston campus, and provides a full-time, structured transition-to-university curriculum. Students take content courses for degree credit, while continuing to improve their English language and study skills through classes in the English Language Academy.

While enrolled in the Academic Bridge, students who are conditionally accepted into undergraduate and graduate degree programs learn skills for the health sciences as they achieve an academic level of English proficiency. Among the topics covered and skills developed are critical reading of academic course materials, note-taking, test-taking, study strategies, and giving oral presentations. Students are also introduced to program resources, University policies, academic support resources, professional practices, and co-curricular opportunities.

In addition, Academic Bridge students are enrolled in full-credit courses offered through the School of Arts and Sciences or the professional schools of the University, depending on the student’s degree program. To facilitate the students’ understanding in these courses, Academy faculty attend the lectures and then conduct a special class to review the topic, thus providing a bridge that links English proficiency and academic skills with the university-level course content.

Success in the Academic Bridge program leads to full admission into the degree program with advanced standing.