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Undergraduate Programs


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The world of health care is one of unlimited opportunity for growth, success and fulfillment. It offers countless ways to truly make a mark. If you have the interest and the passion to pursue a career in this dynamic field, MCPHS University is the place to start. We provides a unique, immersive and supportive academic environment to guide undergraduate students toward successful, sustainable careers in health care. The MCPHS University experience will help you focus the energy that makes you who you are -- your interests, your intelligence, your strengths, your talents -- and help you crystallize these elements into a real expression of your vision for success.

Ready to make your impact? The adventure begins at MCPHS University.

For programs marked with an asterisk (*): Institutional partners require that all applicants must hold U.S. citizenship or permanent U.S. residency status.

English Language Academy

Full-Time Intensive English - Worcester  (Worcester)

Part-Time Intensive English - Worcester  (Worcester)

Undergraduate Academic Bridge Program – Boston  (Boston)

Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene (BS)  (Boston)

School of Arts & Sciences

Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Chemistry (BS/MS)  (Boston)

Health Psychology (BS)  (Boston)

Health Sciences (BS)  (Boston)

Medical and Molecular Biology (BS)  (Boston)

Medical & Molecular Biology Pathway: Podiatric Medicine (BS/DPM Temple)  (Boston)

Medical & Molecular Biology Pathway: Histotechnology (BS/MSH Drexel)  (Boston)

Medical & Molecular Biology Pathway: Forensic Science (BS/MFS Drexel)  (Boston)

Medical & Molecular Biology Pathway: Pathologist Asst. (BS/MSPathA Drexel)  (Boston)

Medical & Molecular Biology Pathway: Clin. Lab Sci. (BS/CLS NY Methodist)   (Boston)

Premedical & Health Studies (BS)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Chiropractic Medicine (BS/DC D'Youville)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Medicine (BS/MD Commonwealth)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Medicine (BS/MD Ross University)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Optometry (BS/OD MCPHS University-Worcester)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Osteopathic Medicine (BS/DO AT Still)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Physical Therapy (BS/DPT)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Dental Medicine (BS/DMD LECOM) *  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Podiatric Medicine (BS/DPM Barry)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Veterinary Medicine (BS/DVM Ross)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Podiatric Medicine (BS/DPM Temple)  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Osteopathic Medicine (BS/DO LECOM) *  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Medical Science Preparatory (BS/MSP Drexel) *  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Interdepartmental Medical Science (BS/IMS Drexel) *  (Boston)

Premed Pathway: Master of Science in Anesthesia (BS/MSA)  (Boston)

Public Health (BS)  (Boston)

Public Health (BS/MPH)  (Boston)

School of Medical Imaging and Therapeutics

Diagnostic Medical Sonography-General (BS)  (Boston)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography-Echo (BS)  (Boston)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (BS)  (Boston)

Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) (BS)  (Boston)

Radiation Therapy (RTT) (BS)  (Boston)

Radiography (BS)  (Boston)

School of Nursing

Nursing (Accelerated BS)  (Boston)

School of Pharmacy - Boston

Biomedical Informatics BS  (Boston)

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business (BS)  (Boston)

Pharmaceutical Sciences (BS)  (Boston)

Pharmacology & Toxicology (BS)  (Boston)

Pharmacy (PharmD)  (Boston)

Pharmacy/Public Health (PharmD/MPH)  (Boston)