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Center for International Studies

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Our Mission

The Center for International Studies (CIS) is a network of individuals and departments that provides a spectrum of services to international students drawn to MCPHS University from around the world, and to domestic students seeking educational and professional opportunities abroad. The Center focuses on student success and global engagement, from enrollment through all aspects of the academic experience, and encourages collaboration among international students, faculty, and alumni in the pursuit of excellence in the health professions.

Our Reach

During the last decade, MCPHS University has made great strides in developing and expanding its international programs:

  • Today there are nearly 700 international students from 43 different countries on the University’s three campuses, representing 10% of overall enrollment
  • International enrollment is projected to increase to 20% of the student body within the next three to five years
  • 37 full-time MCPHS University faculty hold degrees from universities outside the United States, representing 25 different countries on 6 continents
  • Many faculty are engaged in international projects, such as the International Center for Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy
  • MCPHS has affiliation agreements with universities in China, Cuba, Ireland, Japan, Peru, and Saudi Arabia that have produced faculty and student exchanges, international conferences, and service learning opportunities

Our Role

The MCPHS University Center for International Studies strives to provide every student, American or international, with the skill set necessary to succeed as competent professionals in a global environment by:

  • Organizing joint activities for American and international students so they have an opportunity to get to know each other and their respective cultures
  • Providing specific resources and support to international students, both academically, professionally, and socially
  • Proposing innovative professional language training at the English Language Academy
  • Offering experiential opportunities in the US and abroad, thus allowing all students a more global medical training
  • Collaborating with healthcare institutes and universities around the world

Whether you are a prospective student, a current student, domestic or international, MCPHS University is the premier choice for a global healthcare education. To learn more about other areas of the Center for International Studies, please click on the links below.