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Off-Campus Housing

Boston Housing

To assist students in their exploration of off-campus housing, the Office of Student Affairs has developed an Off-Campus Housing Handbook, which includes answers to questions about:

  • How off-campus students can stay connected with MCPHS University
  • How to get to campus
  • Boston neighborhoods
  • How to find a home
  • Living with others
  • Tenant/Landlord rights and responsibilities

In addition to familiarizing themselves with the information in the Handbook, students who are considering living off campus should also be aware of MCPHS University's Good Neighbor Policy.

Questions about off-campus housing should be directed to:


The Office of Student Affairs provides information about off-campus housing options through this website as a courtesy service for MCPHS University students. The information is for the use of MCPHS University students only and is updated periodically. While all efforts have been made to include correct and current information, MCPHS University neither accepts nor creates any responsibility for the reliability of the information provided. MCPHS University will not be involved in any negotiations between you (the leaseholder) and any landlord, property owner, student, prospective student, or realtor before, during, or after any agreement. MCPHS University is not responsible or liable for the consequences of any off-campus student housing arrangement.

You are encouraged to exercise your own judgment when evaluating a prospective rental unit or landlord.