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Clubs & Organizations

Whatever You're Into, You Can Get Into it Here!

At MCPHS University–Boston there are more than 40 recognized clubs, organizations and professional fraternities on the Boston campus through which students can make friends, make connections, or make a difference in the world.

A Sampling of Boston Campus Clubs

Student Government Association (SGA)

The SGA functions as the voice for students and student interests. All students of the University are considered members of this organization, and all students have the opportunity to serve as class or organization representatives. SGA serves as the "umbrella" organization from which all other student organizations stem.

American Pharmacists Association - Academy of Students of Pharmacy (APhA-ASP)

The Academy of Students of Pharmacy, an official subdivision of the American Pharmacists Association, is a professional organization representing every phase of the pharmacy profes­sion and is a vital source of information to pharmacy students.

Asian Student Association

The Asian Student Association was established with the goal of unifying the Asian student population and providing a place where Asian students can build friendships and commu­nity.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union provides assistance to the Black student population and to all individuals who find its services useful.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

The Campus Activities Board is a student-run programming board which plans and oversees a diverse activities calendar for the MCPHS University student body.

Admission Brain Cells

As a Brain Cell, you are the life force of the University. You’re the voice and the face of the school. You ARE the MCPHS University experience. Through campus tours, special events, and conversations in the Admission Lounge, Brain Cells have unique and crucial contact with prospective students and their families. You will serve as the liaison between the Admission Office and the prospective students. This is a big responsibility, but it’s also a big honor and a lot of fun too. If you’re wondering whether becoming a Brain Cell is right for you, meet some of our current Brain Cells by clicking here.

The Dispenser, The College Newspaper

The Dispenser was founded by a group of students in May 1975 to provide information and encourage free expression among students, faculty, and administration. The Dispenser is published on a regular basis during the academic year. Students participate in all phases of production of the newspaper.

Golf Club

The Golf Club gives MCPHS University students the opportunity to compete and exercise while playing the game of golf.

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

The purpose of the GSA is to identify and protect the rights of graduate students, advance their academic interests and provide a forum for public debate.

Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter

The Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter serves to support societal development by help­ing our neighbors receive adequate shelter. The chapter's primary functions are building, fundraising, and education. The chapter participates in local builds, organizes fundraising activities on campus to support our local affiliate as well as our Collegiate Challenge alterna­tive spring break trips.

Indian Student Organization (ISO)

The Indian Student Organization exists to encourage interaction among the Indian com­munity at the University and to address and promote awareness of issues of concern to those of Indian background. Membership is open to everyone.

Intra-varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)

The MCPHS University Christian Fellowship is a student-led group that exists to provide an open fo­rum for discussion about the personal life and claims of Jesus Christ and to strengthen one another in the understanding of the Christian faith.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association was established to promote understanding of Islam among Muslim and non-Muslim students. Its goals are to enhance the goodwill and friendship be­tween Muslims and non-Muslims; to involve Muslim students in religious activities such as prayers, celebration of Islamic occasions, meetings and discussions; to help Muslim students both educationally and socially; to make Islam better understood by Muslim students; and to organize religious and social activities.

National Community Pharmacist Student Association (NCPA)

The National Community Pharmacist Student Association provides a forum for students to learn about the opportunities available in independent pharmacy practice.

National Student Nurses Association (NSNA)

This chapter's purpose is to promote development of skills that students will need as respon­sible and accountable nursing professionals. This association helps develop students who are prepared to lead in the nursing profession in the future.

Physician Assistant Student Society (PASS)

The activities of PASS are intended to foster the personal and professional development of students enrolled in the Physician Assistant Studies program. Educational mentoring, com­munity outreach, and professional development are major group activities. Upper-level stu­dents serve as peer mentors for more junior students in an effort to facilitate the mastery of the knowledge and skills essential for entry to the profession.

Phi Lambda Sigma Leadership Society (PLS)

Phi Lambda Sigma is a national Greek letter honor society formed to honor and recognize those who have excelled in leadership and service to the University community, the pharma­ceutical community, and the community at large, as well as those who have made significant contributions in the advancement of pharmacy. The Sigma chapter was chartered in 1987.

Premedical Society

The Premedical Society was founded in 1999, for the purpose of assisting and advancing students interested in applying to medical, dental, optometry, podiatry or veterinary schools.

Radiologic Science Club

The purpose of the Radiologic Science Club is to promote a sense of unity and shared vision for the Radiologic Science students within the greater MCPHS University community, to participate with other MCPHS University clubs and organizations in various University events and activities, and to instill the desire for life long learning and professional development.

Rho Chi Honor Society

Rho Chi Honor Society is a national honor society and member of the Association of Col­lege Honor Societies. It was founded in 1922, with chapters in all of the pharmacy colleges in the United States. It is strictly an honor society-recognizing, rewarding and encouraging superior scholarly attainment. Membership is limited to upper-class pharmacy students of outstanding scholarship and character.

Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association seeks to build networks between students and alumni. The loyalty of alumni is founded in their undergraduate experience.

Student American Dental Hygienists Association (SADHA)

Students are recognized in a separate category of membership in the American Dental Hy­gienists' Association. This membership involves students within an organization that is dedi­cated to building the moral, ethical and educational basis of the profession of dental hygiene.

Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists

The mission of this MCPHS University student society is to make students aware of pharmacy practice in health systems; provide information to students about career directions and credentials needed for pharmacy practice in health systems; and encourage student membership and participation in the state society as well as post-graduation involvement.

Academic Fraternities (Boston Campus)

Lambda Kappa Sigma (LKS)

Lambda Kappa Sigma was established at MCPHS University on October 14, 1913 and it is the oldest fraternity for women in pharmacy. The mission of the fraternity is to promote the profession of pharmacy among women and advance women within the profession. The fraternity is dedicated to developing the important intellectual, leadership, and professional skills that its members need to maximize their potential and continue to strive beyond their personal best.

Phi Delta Chi

Since 1883, Phi Delta Chi members have worked to advance the pharmacy profession and its allied interests and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit. Phi Delta Chi members seek enhanced professional and personal success and satisfaction. The fraternity helps students from all majors improve their personal and professional skills, inspiring con­fidence and character and providing insight into human nature.