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Manchester is the perfect choice for ambitious students committed to community practice. The campus includes the Brant Academic Center fully renovated in 2007, and, directly behind it, the Student Activity Center, newly renovated in 2009.

Here, students will find modern, fully equipped classrooms; new, state-of-the-art laboratories; auditoriums with sophisticated two way videoconferencing; and electronic access to all of MCPHS University's health sciences library resources.  

Joseph F. and Francis P. Brant Academic and Student Center

Located in the heart of Manchester, N.H., the Joseph F. and Francis P. Brant Academic and Student Center is a 33,000 square foot, three story space consisting of:

  • Classrooms
  • A physical assessment laboratory
  • A clinical simulation laboratory
  • Professional pharmacy practice labora­tory
  • Library/learning resource space
  • State-of-the-art videoconference classrooms linked to the Worcester campus
  • Student lounges
  • Seminar rooms
  • Student government office
  • Resource area
  • Faculty and staff offices

Student Activity Center

The Manchester campus has a 6,000 square foot Student Activity Center, which includes:

  • Two classrooms
  • A student lounge (with a large-screen TV, information monitor, chairs and couches), lockers and a small food prep area 
  • Wireless Internet

Library and Computer Facilities

A branch of the Henrietta DeBenedictis Library in Boston, the Library and Learning Center features:

  • The main computer resource area for students
  • Two computer-equipped rooms for collab­orative group study
  • Ac­cess to all of the Boston library's electronic resources
  • Interlibrary loan from Boston's collections and many New England medical and academic libraries

Laboratory Facilities

The patient assessment laboratory features:

  • Twelve individual stations
  • Medical equipment
  • Anatomical models and specimens for hands-on training in the professional practice skills of nurses and physician assistants

The clinical simulation laboratory has an impressive number of computerized mannequins that allow nursing and physician assistant studies students to assess and intervene appropriately in hundreds of clinical situations.

The professional pharmacy practice and pharmaceutics laboratory simulates a working pharmacy to introduce students to the operations of a pharmacy and the responsibilities of a pharmacist.

Brant Student Lounge

The student lounge serves as the gathering place for students to study, converse, meet, share a meal, relax and hold celebrations. It offers:

  • Lockers
  • A small kitchen area
  • Free standing computers
  • Large screen TV
  • Information monitor
  • Comfortable chairs and couches
  • Wireless Internet