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Clubs & Organizations

Worcester students can enhance their learning experience by joining any of the 20 student groups on campus, which include student government, student chapters of professional organizations, and special interest clubs.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association was established to provide a voice for students and stu­dent interests. SGA serves as the umbrella organization from which all other student organi­zations stem. The SGA is responsible for appropriating funds for the organizations and their activities. SGA sponsors various educational and social community activities.

American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP Worcester Chapter)

The mission of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy MCPHS–Worcester/Manchester Chapter is to build awareness of clinical pharmacy and board certification within pharmacy; provide knowledge to students about careers in clinical pharmacy and opportunities upon obtainment of a board certification; and build a stable organization through active membership and participation.

American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Students of Pharmacy (APhA-ASP)

The mission of the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Students of Pharmacy is to be the collective voice of student pharmacists, to provide opportunities for professional growth, and to envision and actively promote the future of pharmacy. The APhA-ASP rep­resents over 19,000 student members in chapters at every school and college of pharmacy throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Worcester Student Society of Health System Pharmacy (ASHP)

The mission of the MCPHS University–Worcester student society is to make students aware of phar­macy practice in health systems; provide information to students about career directions in and credentials needed for pharmacy practice in health systems; and encourage membership and participation in the state society and ASHP as a student and upon graduation.

Asian Student Association (ASA)

The Asian Student Association is organized to promote cooperation amongst professionals in an educational and community environment; provide an opportunity for the sharing and learning of Vietnamese history, culture, and traditions through various regular programs and activities; promote participation in community programs and activities, build a strong sense of responsibility amongst its members toward society and promote harmony with other Asian communities.

Association of Pharmacists in Industry (API)

API is an organization on campus aimed at informing students about jobs and opportunities in industry for people with pharmacy degrees. API educates students through discussions, networking events, and by inviting representatives from major companies to guest lecture on their roles in the company.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union was organized to celebrate and honor the culture, history, and diversity of the African Diaspora. The organization enhances the MCPHS University community by sponsoring many cultural, educational, and social events.

Chess Club/Game Club

The Chess Club tries to enhance student life by providing a fun and exciting diversion from the academic life of the student body by participating in chess and other board games.

Christian Student Association (CSA)

The Christian Student Association organizes events such as Bible study sessions for interested students and promotes networking opportunities on campus.

D.A.M.A.G.E Club (Gaming)

This organization is known as "The Digital Arts, Media, and Gaming Element" (DAMAGE). The purpose of this organization shall be to enhance student life and provide stress relief by promoting the common leisurely interests of digital photography, graphic arts, video produc­tion, gaming, and movies in the MCPHS University community.

MCPHS University Dance Troupe

The purpose of the Dance Troupe is: To provide a creative outlet where those who love to dance on the MCPHS University–Worcester campus can explore and develop their skills; To create an environment where stress relief is sought through rhythm and movement; To establish a group dynamic that encourages and motivates its members to stay mentally healthy and physically fit; And to enhance the extracurricular opportunities available to MCPHS University students as a means of building well-rounded students.

Equestrian Club

The purpose of the MCPHS University Equestrian Club is to promote an active network for horse en­thusiasts while providing a learning environment focusing on equine care and management; and to provide facility contacts for students who are interested in taking riding lessons with the coordination of off campus events (i.e. barn visits, clinics, horse shows).

Indian Student Organization (ISO)

The Indian Student Organization exists to promote an understanding of Indian culture, his­tory, and traditions. Promotion of these ideas is demonstrated through various regular pro­gramming and activities.

The MCPHS University–Worcester Dancing Group

The Dancing Group provides a creative outlet for those who love to dance on the MCPHS University–Worcester campus. Members can explore and develop their dancing skills as well as practice stress relief through rhythm and movement to remain healthy.

The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Golfers Association (MCPGA)

The purpose of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Golfers Association (MCPGA) is to provide students with an opportunity to learn, play and enjoy the sport of golf.

The Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Student Organization (MEMSO)

The purpose of the Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Student Organization (MEMSO) is to bring together individuals from various Middle Eastern & Mediterranean backgrounds, regardless of religion, nationality, ethnicity, or gender in order to provide an opportunity for the sharing and learning of their cultures and traditions

National Community Pharmacist Student Association (NCPSA)

The National Community Pharmacist Student Association (NCPSA) represents independent community pharmacies and independent pharmacists in the United States. NCPSA is committed to helping pharmacy students by providing contact with pharmacy owners ready for a transfer of ownership, teaching about financing options, and assistance in developing niche markets in patient care services.

National Student Nurses Association (NSNA)

This chapter's purpose is to promote development of skills that students will need as respon­sible and accountable nursing professionals. This association helps develop students who are prepared to lead in the nursing profession in the future.

Nursing Students Without Borders (NSWB)

NSWB provides students the opportunity to assist under-served communities through health education. Access to healthcare resources and distribution of material donations, both na­tionally and internationally, are major activities of the organization.

Phi Lambda Sigma

The purpose of Phi Lamda Sigma, also known as the National Pharmacy Leadership Society, is to promote the development of leadership qualities, especially among pharmacy students. By peer recognition, the society encourages participation in all pharmacy activities.

Racquetball Club

The purpose of the Racquetball Club is to promote health through activity, teamwork, and networking. The overall function of the Racquetball Club is to provide valuable activities among professionals in an educational and community environment.

Republican Pharmacy Student Association

The purpose of the organization is to examine public policy issues relating to Health Services and Pharmacy through a variety of workshops, speakers, and events. The organizatition is com­mitted to creating an open dialogue focusing on social and policy issues.

Rho Chi Honor Society

Rho Chi is the academic National Honor Society in Pharmacy. The Rho Chi Society en­courages and recognizes excellence in intellectual achievement and advocates critical inquiry in all aspects of pharmacy. The Society further encourages high standards of conduct and character and fosters fellowship among its members.

Running Club

The intention of the club is to provide a non-academic means of bringing together students, faculty, and staff with the common interest of running as an exercise for physical fitness.

Ski Club

The purpose of the Ski Club is to promote winter activities which include sports like skiing and snowboarding.

The Sports Club

The Sports Club was established to provide MCPHS University–Worcester students with the opportu­nity to participate in structured team sports by participating in various Worcester recreational leagues, including indoor soccer, coed softball and basketball.

Student Chapter of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (SAAPA)

The SAAPA chapter was established as a student society within the American Academy of Physician Assistants and retains students representation within this professional association's House of Delegates. Educational mentoring, community outreach, and professional devel­opment are the society's intended goals. Student professional development is accomplished through a seminar series on practice-related issues and through mentoring experiences in­volving practicing PA's in Worcester and surrounding communities.

Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)

SNPhA is a pharmacy student educational service association devoted to pharmacy and healthcare-related issues accompanied by a commitment to addressing underrepresented groups in the pharmacy profession and other health-related fields.

Tennis Club

The purpose of the Tennis Club is to promote health, relaxation, teamwork, networking, and valuable activities among professionals in an educational and community environment.

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