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Jennifer Goldman-Levine - Making the Real World Real


As a professor of pharmacy practice at MCPHS, Jennifer Goldman-Levine ’90 knows how important it is to bring students into the practicum.

When students go with Golman-Levine to a family medicine practice to interview patients or when she takes them to a senior center to run blood pressure screenings, that’s just as important (if not more so) as time spent in the classroom.

“Out in the field,” she says, “students learn how to take everything they learned in school and apply it to real life. It’s a real “a-hah!” moment when they say, ‘You know, we remember you saying this in class, but it's just not the same.’”

It’s not just about the mechanics of medicine, either. Goldman-Levin wants her students to realize that those are people inside those blood pressure cuffs. “It’s important for students to not only learn how to think and apply the skills they learned, but to understand and appreciate that patients are human beings.”

As a recipient of both the Pharmacy Practice Teacher of the Year and the Trustees Award for Teaching Excellence, Goldman-Levine obviously knows how to connect with students and what it takes for them to be successful at the College.

“MCPHS students need be compassionate, care about patients, and be dedicated to themselves and the profession.” Her advice for anyone at MCPHS? “Take advantage of everything the College has to offer. Talk to everyone you come across and learn how they do what they do.”