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MCPHS University’s School of Arts & Sciences' Philosophy Society Visits Philadelphia’s Mütter Museum


On March 28, 2013, eight students from the MCPHS University Philosophy Society traveled to Philadelphia with Arts & Sciences Associate Professor, Dien Ho, for a behind-the-scenes visit of the extraordinary collection of historic artifacts of the Mütter Museum. Founded in 1858, the Mütter Museum is a part of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. In addition to a vast collection of models and specimens illustrating the effects of various diseases (e.g., wax models of faces of patients who suffered from advanced untreated syphilis showing severe bone deterioration), some of the most remarkable items in the museum are slices of Einstein's brain.

The students explored the museum’s permanent collection and took part in a guided tour to the "wet" and "dry" rooms, where items are stored, preserved, cataloged, and investigated. In addition to learning about illnesses and treatment modalities, the students were also asked to contemplate the morality of being amazed by some of the more unique specimens.

After spending a night at a nearby hotel, the students left the next day armed with Philly cheese steaks for their travel back to Boston. It was a remarkably successful and educational visit.