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Brand Guides

A distinctive brand is achieved by the use of consistent visual and messaging elements that frame and influence the way target audiences perceive MCPHS University. Following the University’s visual identity and editorial style guides is critical to supporting the MCPHS University brand.

Visual Identity

A visual identity is a graphic system—a toolkit of colors and typefaces anchored by a strong institutional logo. These graphic components and the rules that govern their use create consistency in all communications, maintaining a recognizable look associated with the institution.

Download the MCPHS Visual Identity Guide

Editorial Style Guide

The MCPHS University Editorial Style Guide is is intended to help writers and editors communicate clearly and consistently about MCPHS University in print and electronic media. It is a quick reference tool to help MCPHS communicators follow a style that is consistent and appropriate. The guide follows conventions outlined in The Chicago Manual of Style, but there are exceptions specific to the University. Marketing will continue to update the guide as new words enter the mainstream and various issues of usage and style evolve.

For more detail on capitalization, punctuation, and abbreviation, please see The Chicago Manual of Style, the University’s standard reference. For spelling, word division, and helpful usage notes, refer to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

Download the MCPHS Editorial Style Guide