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MCPHS Faculty Carol-Ann Farkas

Carol-Ann Farkas, PhD

Professor of English, Director of Writing Programs

Director, BA Program in Health Humanities

Department: School of Arts and Sciences
Office: Fennell 222

(P) 617.732.2852


School of Arts and Sciences


PhD, English, University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta, Canada
BA and MA, English, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby British Columbia, Canada

Research Interests

19th Century British Fiction, esp. to do with women doctors
Expert and Non-Expert Knowledge
Health Humanities
Popular Culture, primarily representations of women's health, fitness, and strength
Wellness and Contemporary Popular Culture
Writing Center Theory and Practice


Farkas, CA. Well, or Weak?: The Construction of Knowledge, Agency, and Competence in Womenns Wellness Magazines." Forthcoming in anthology from Cambridge Scholars Press, edited by Margaret Wiley.

---. Bodies at Rest, Bodies in Motion: Womenns Fitness and Physical Competence.. Genders Online. (Spring 2007).

---..The Woman Athlete Revealed: The Problem of Get-Ups and Glitter for Female Olympians.. Popular Culture Review. 18.1 (Winter 2007): 49-60.

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---. "Idle Assumptions Are the Devills Plaything: The Writing Center, the Comp Faculty and the Reality Check." Writing Lab Newsletter. 30.7 (March 2006): 1-5.

---. Rev. of Female Gladiators: Gender, Law, and Contact Sport in America by Sarah K. Fields. Journal of American Culture, 28.3 (September 2005): 319-20.

---. "Writing Back to the Writing Exam: Can Writing Centers Teach and Test Without Trauma?" Writing Lab Newsletter 29.2 (October 2004): 6-8.

---. "Beauty is as Beauty Does: Action and Appearance in Brontt and Eliot." Dickens Studies Annual: Essays on Victorian Fiction.

Eds. Stanley Friedman, Edward Guiliano, and Michael Timko. Vol. 29. New York: AMS Press, 2000: 323-349.

Current Professional Memberships, Service & Leadership

Northeast Victorian Studies Association
Popular Culture Association
International Writing Center Association
National Council of Teachers of English
New England Writing Center Association
Modern Language Association
MCPHS Writing Proficiency Exam Committee (Chair)
MCPHS First-Year Composition Faculty Committee (Chair)
MCPHS First-Year Summer Reading Committee
MCPHS Student Conduct Code Review Task Force
MCPHS Academic Standing Committee
MCPHS Faculty Council
Oral and Written Communication Working Group