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Dien Ho

Dien Ho, PhD

Director of the Center for Health Humanities

Professor of Philosophy and Healthcare Ethics

Department: School of Arts and Sciences
Office: Fennell 254

(P) 617.732.2953


School of Arts and Sciences


BA, Brandeis University
MA, Tufts University
PhD, The Graduate Center-The City University of New York

Research Interests

Healthcare Ethics: Procreative Autonomy, Organ Transplantation, Clinical Ethics
Philosophy of Medicine: Research Methodology, Placebo, Values in Medicine
Philosophy of Science: Theoretical Reasoning, Nature of Explanation, Empiricism

A Philosopher Goes to the Doctor: A Critical Look at Philosophical Assumptions in Medicine: Routledge 2019.

Philosophical Issues in Pharmaceutics: Development, Dispensing, and Use. Springer 2017.

The Best Logic Book Ever. Co-authored with Brad Monton. Thomson and Wadsworth. 2006.

Peer-Reviewed Articles & Book Chapters

Howick, J., Zhao, L., McKaig, B., Rosa, A., Campaner, R., Oke, J., & Ho, D. Do medical schools teach medical humanities? Review of curricula in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, doi:

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“The Gen-Ethics Bowl – An In-Class Activity Combining Genetics and Bioethics” Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education, December 2014.

“Borderline Disorder: Medical Personnel and Law Enforcement,” (co-authored with Ken Richman and Mark Bigney) Hasting Center Report—Bioethics Forum, 4/3/2014.

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