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MCPHS Faculty Charles Kelley

Charles Kelley, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Department: School of Arts and Sciences
Office: Fennell 214

(P) 617.732.2958


School of Arts and Sciences


Chemistry (BS)


PhD, Organic Chemistry, Indiana University, 1970
BA, Chemistry, St. Josephs College, Rensselaer, IN., 1964

Research Interests

Organic Synthesis of (a) Stable fluorescent benzothiazoles and benzoxazoles of the ESIPT type , (b) Selective inhibitors of dopamine reuptake and D-3 receptors, (c) fluorescent compounds of the oligophenylene type. Isolation and structural identification of novel compounds from plants.


Mark Froimowitz, Yonghong Gu, Les A. Dakin, Pamela M. Nagafuji, Charles J. Kelley, Damon Parrish, Jeffrey R. Deschamps, and Aaron Janowsky, Slow-Onset, Long-Duration, Alkyl Analogues of Methylphenidate with Enhanced Selectivity for the Dopamine Transporter Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2007), 50(2), 219 - 232.

Froimowitz, Mark; Gu, Yonghong; Dakin, Les A.; Kelley, Charles J.; Parrish, Damon; Deschamps, Jeffrey R. Vinylogous amide analogs of methylphenidate. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2005), 15(12), 3044-3047.

Bischoff, Theodore A.; Kelley, Charles J.; Karchesy, Yvette; Laurantos, Maria; Nguyen-Dinh, Phuc; Arefi, Abdul Ghafoor. Antimalarial activity of Lactucin and Lactucopicrin: sesquiterpene lactones isolated from Cichorium intybus L. Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2004), 95(2-3), 455-457.

Greenblatt, David J.; von Moltke, Lisa L.; Harmatz, Jerold S.; Chen, Gengsheng; Weemhoff, James L.; Jen, Cheng; Kelley, Charles J.; LeDuc, Barbara W.; Zinny, Miguel A. Time course of recovery of cytochrome p450 3A function after single doses of grapefruit juice. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics (2003), 74(2), 121-129.

DeMott, James M., Jr.; Kelley, Charles J. In the laboratory: the microscale laboratory: an alternative one-step procedure for the conversion of piperonal to piperonylonitrile. Journal of Chemical Education (2001), 78(6), 780.

Kelley, Charles J.; Ansu, Kwabena; Budisusetyo, Wiranto; Ghiorghis, Alem; Qin, Yuanxi; Kauffman, Joel M. Syntheses and photophysical properties of some 4-arylpyridinium salts. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry (2001), 38(1), 11-23.

Kelley, Charles J.; Ghiorghis, Alem; Qin, Yuanxi; Kauffman, Joel M.; Novinski, John A.; Boyko, Walter J. Synthesis of Bridged Oligophenylenes from Fluorene. Part 2.1 Quinquiphenyls to Deciphenyls. Journal of Chemical Research, Synopses (1999), (2), 80-81, Manuscript, 401-418.

Foye, William O.; Dabade, Sunil V.; Kelley, Charles J.; Lebrun, Evelyne; Van Rapenbusch, Roland. Synthesis and dihydrofolate reductase inhibitory activity of N4-2-L-glutaryl-N1-heteroaryl thiosemicarbazones. Medicinal Chemistry Research (1998), 8(9), 542-553.

Kelley, Charles J.; Ghiorghis, Alem; Kauffman, Joel M. Synthesis of bridged oligophenylenes from fluorene. Part 1. Ter- and quater-phenyls. Journal of Chemical Research, Synopses (1997), (12), 446-447, Manuscript 2701-2733.

Kauffman, Joel M.; Litak, Peter T.; Novinski, John A.; Kelley, Charles J.; Ghiorghis, Alem; Qin, Yuanxi. Electronic absorption and emission spectral data and fluorescence quantum yields of bridged p-oligophenylenes, bi- to deciphenyls, and related furans and carbazoles. Journal of Fluorescence (1995), 5(3), 295-305.

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