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Rania Mekary, Ph.D., M.Sc, M.Sc

Associate Professor of Health Epidemiology

Department: School of Pharmacy
Office: Matricaria 4006K

(P) 617.879.5910


School of Pharmacy


Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy (MS)
Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy (PhD)


Research Associate, Harvard University: Nutrition epidemiology; cancer epidemiology
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Harvard University: Obesity epidemiology; physical activity epidemiology
PhD, Louisiana State University: Nutrition (Human Ecology), Epidemiology (minor)
MSc, Louisiana State University: Applied Statistics, Exercise Physiology (minor)
MSc, American University of Beirut: Nutrition and Dietetics
BSc, American University of Beirut: Food Technology and Nutrition

Research Interests

Dr. Mekary’s research interests can be summarized in 1) conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses of different public health and clinically related questions; 2) conducting epidemiological studies in nutrition epidemiology and other lifestyle variables such as physical activity and their relation to weight change and chronic disease outcomes such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and colorectal cancer; and 3) analyzing large-scale complex epidemiological data set using statistical expertise (survival analysis among others).

Dr. Mekary’s specialties include the following: Statistical analysis; statistical consulting; performing systematics reviews and meta-analysis using Stata and CMA; Epidemiology; manuscript writing; grant writing; nutrition counseling for weight loss and other diet-related chronic diseases; teaching research methods, biostatistics, epidemiology, and nutritional sciences; martial arts teaching; and great communication skills.

Peer-Reviewed Articles & Book Chapters