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Shabana Afroz, MS - Adjunct Instructor of Anatomy and Physiology

Ali Ahrabi, PhD, FASN - Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biology

Zeynep Akgun, PhD, MS - Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Jeff Alexander - Adjunct Faculty - Doctor of Health Sciences

Delia Anderson, PhD - Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences, Professor of Biology | Associate Provost of Undergraduate Education

(P) 617.732.2910 |

Alqi Angjeli, MA - Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics

Andrew Athens, MS - Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry

Ned Barden , PhD - Associate Professor of Microbiology

(P) 617.732.2944 |

Michael Baron - Adjunct Faculty - First Year Writing

Evan Barros, PhD - Adjunct Assistant Professor of History

Donna Barry - Adjunct Instructor of Public Health

Neeti Bharatan - Adjunct Instructor of Biology

Jeremy Birkline - Adjunct Faculty - First Year Writing

Mary Buchinger Bodwell, PhD - Professor of English and Communication Studies

(P) 617.732.2131 |

Addison Bouchard, MS - Faculty Associate in Chemistry

(P) 617.879.5920 |

Sheree Boulet - Adjunct Faculty - Public Health

Leslie Boux - Instructor of Chemistry

Kate Bresonis, PhD - Associate Dean, Assistant Professor of English, Director of Planning & Assessment

( )

(P) 617.732.2792 |

Virginia Briggs, PhD, MA, MS - Associate Professor of Public Health

(P) 508.373.5898 |

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