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Miller Ouellette
Miller Ouellette hopes to set an example for how hard work can pay off.
MCPHS students at commencement.
Commencement speakers encouraged graduates to forge their own paths and be proud of their accomplishments, now and in the future.
Jennifer Onwuka
Jennifer Onwuka is becoming a nurse practitioner focusing in mental health so she can independently provide one-on-one care.
Hands holding a globe.

The Team leads will set goals in four areas—energy, waste, water, and purchasing—to reduce the University’s impact on the environment.

JianXiang Weng

JianXiang Weng hopes to empower students around the world to implement change.

Kenneth Richman

A theory co-authored by an MCPHS professor offers a new explanation for the purpose of consciousness.

Students using microscopes.
Workforce development is top of mind as the University broadens its footprint in life sciences education.
Life Sciences Initiative
The collaboration will unlock opportunities for thousands of people in the region from many different backgrounds