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MCPHS PharmD student Kerilyn Petrucci.

Petrucci transferred into the Doctor of Pharmacy program at MCPHS–Boston, a decision she says has made her the student, leader, and future healthcare professional that she is today.

Collage of: Mass Art library space, new mural in the MCPHS student lounge, interior and exterior images of the new Emmanuel dorm.

MCPHS –Boston adds new study space, new residential units, and expanded facilities.

Occupational Therapy student Kendra Roby in the  Adult Functional Simulation Training Apartment Lab.

“What most excites me about occupational therapy [OT] is that I can impact other people’s lives and help them participate in the things that are most important to them,” said Roby.

Caitlyn O'Fiesh, Keelin McSweeney, Mariah Ramsay, and Samantha Sarkisian

Caitlyn O'Fiesh, Keelin McSweeney, Mariah Ramsay, and Samantha Sarkisian—better known as the "PT Squad"—talk about how the Health Psychology program set them up for success in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

MCPHS BSN student Brianna Cracco

This past January, Brianna Cracco BSN ’19 received her white coat, an important step toward her dream of becoming a nurse - a career she was inspired to pursue because of her mother.

 Dr. Amanda Kentner, Associate Professor of Psychology, School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Kentner shares insight into her research, her experience working with undergraduate and graduate students at MCPHS, and shares her advice for students considering a future in research.

Alumni Spotlight: Thomas Whitmer, Fast Track BS in Dental Hygiene '13

Whitmer wanted a challenge, and both medical and dental schools were high on his list of options.

 MSN/FNP student Nicole Hoogasian.

As an RN, Hoogasian was looking to educate patients on their diagnoses in a way that they could understand – and find treatments that fit their lifestyles. It's one of the reasons she decided to earn her MSN/FNP.