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The remote, tele-operative ultrasound system being used on a patient.
The first-of-its-kind ultrasound technology would have key applications for imaging and diagnosis of COVID-19 and beyond.
Graphic of Poster for the IPE Guess Who event.
Preparing students for interprofessional collaborative practice is a key part of the MCPHS experience.
Allison Leader
Allison Leader, candidate for Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, Fast Track '21, completed a peripheral blood stem cell transplant through Be the Match.
Heidi Robertson
Occupational Therapy Professor Heidi Robertson teaches graduate students on the MCPHS Manchester campus.
Heather Foley
The MCPHS graduate has lived in Mexico and now works as a travel nurse on America’s West Coast.
Illustration of COVID virus over graphs.
The burden of COVID-19 has not been borne equally by all communities in the United States.
DMS students using the new Carestream DRX Core Detector.
MCPHS radiography students work on brand new digital X-ray machines.
Steven Rush
The former pro basketball player and MCPHS graduate has embarked on a nontraditional pharmacy career.