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Morgan Dobry

Spotlight: Morgan Dobry, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business

  • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) graduates are passionate, engaged, and quick to make an impact in the healthcare industry.

    Morgan Dobry graduated from the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business program in 2014 and has used her degree to pursue her dream career: sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry.

    As an undergraduate, Morgan was very involved on campus as a student leader. She served as a peer mentor in the First Year Seminar course and as a Tour Guide and Junior Counselor in the Admission Office for three years, as well as a member of the Pharmaceutical Business and Science Society. She even taught a boot camp exercise class three days a week at the Wentworth Institute of Technology/MCPHS gym!

    In this interview, Morgan shares how MCPHS gave her a competitive advantage during the hiring process, as well as her advice for students thinking about or pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Tell us a little about the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business program at MCPHS.

    The Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business program is the perfect choice for any student who is interested in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry on both the business and science side. The blended curriculum exposes students to many business courses, ranging from Health Care Management, Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing and Health Care Finance, to Drug Development and Health Care Delivery. This program allows students to consider a broad variety of careers in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

    How did you choose the Pharmaceutical Healthcare Business program?

    I chose this program because I knew I wanted to become a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. I also knew I wanted to learn more about the process of drug development and healthcare delivery, instead of just focusing on sales and marketing courses. My program gave me a competitive advantage over other candidates for jobs I was applying for after college because I was familiar with more areas of the pharmaceutical industry, like finance and drug development.

    What was your favorite class you took at MCPHS? Why?

    My favorite class was Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing with Professor Tyrrell. For our final project, the class served as a group of physicians and patients, and we had to make a sales presentation to them about a selected drug or device. This gave me a glimpse into the future of what I would be doing if I were an actual sales representative, and what it would be like to competitively promote a product.

    What was your job search like?

    It was my goal to land a job within a year of graduation, so I was very determined when it came to the application process. I worked part-time at a retail store, and I would spend my days off searching for jobs online. Working part-time gave me the time to go to interviews and to other networking events that gave me more direction of where and how to look for sales positions.

    Tell us about your current role.

    I am currently working at pharmaceutical company CutisPharma as a Sales and Marketing Representative. I am responsible for attending trade shows, educational conferences, and customer meetings to promote our products to pharmacists. I have my own customer accounts that I am responsible for initiating marketing programs with, in order to grow sales at year-end. I have been in my current position for a little over a year, and I can thank MCPHS for leading me into such a dynamic industry that makes coming to work more fun every day.

    What are your travel responsibilities like?

    When I am traveling for work, whether it is to a trade show or conference, I set up a booth and meet with hundreds of attending pharmacists interested in learning more about new products in the pharmaceutical industry. I give them handouts that explain our products, and always end with exchanging business cards to follow up with later.

    What about when you’re not on the road?

    When I am not traveling, I typically work in the office 9:00am-5:30pm. At the beginning of every month, I check my customer accounts sales reports for the previous month and compare to prior months. I follow up with each of my accounts by calling my contacts and letting them know if sales increased or decreased for the month and discuss what other marketing opportunities there are in order to increase sales. If I had attended a tradeshow or conference, the majority of my day in the office is spent following up with the pharmacists I met, with the intention of further promoting our products to them.

    If I had to explain my role in my company in a few words, I would say: I do a lot of talking!

    Where do you see yourself in ten years?

    In ten years, I see myself working for a pharmaceutical company as a District or Regional Sales Manager. Ten more years of experience as a sales representative will give me the knowledge and the expertise to manage other sales representatives assigned to a specific geographical area. I would like to continue meeting with customers face-to-face and have my own accounts that I am responsible for increasing sales for, as well.

    How did MCPHS help you prepare for your career?

    MCPHS helped me prepare for my career by exposing me to different areas of the pharmaceutical industry, which allowed me to see how all departments in a company work together. Not only did my courses prepare me educationally, but working in the Office of Admission and as a Peer Mentor greatly helped prepare me for speaking at public events and interacting with people in a professional manner. I continue to use these skills every day at work with my co-workers and customers.

    What is your biggest piece of advice for current MCPHS students?

    My biggest piece of advice for current MCPHS students would be to never give up. The saying, “if it were easy, then everyone would do it,” stands true, especially for students who aspire to have a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Working with patients is a major responsibility, but it is also a very rewarding career. All of those late nights spent studying for exams will make you really challenge yourself, and once you receive that diploma, you will look back and realize that all those lost hours of sleep were worth it.

    What’s your favorite #MCPHSmoment?

    My favorite #MCPHSmoment is, and always will be, taking courses with Professor Campagna. One of the best qualities of MCPHS is that the class sizes are small enough to allow the students to develop a relationship with the professors on an academic level. I felt very comfortable approaching Professor Campagna if I needed help with a topic we were learning in class, or if I had a question regarding my future plans after graduation. Having a professor as kind and funny as he is really represents the MCPHS experience for me. I will always be grateful for having such a great mentor during my college years leading up to the start of my career in the pharmaceutical industry.