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MCPHS Master of Health Administration student Aneylis Hernandez

Aneylis Hernandez Has the Power to Shape the Future of Healthcare

  • Every day, Aneylis Hernandez PHB ’16, MHA ’18 looks to one simple fact to inspire her: she knows that she has the power to shape the future of healthcare.

    As a current student in the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program and a 2016 graduate of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business program at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS), she is gaining the skills and knowledge she will need to make an impact.

    “What appealed to me about the MHA degree in particular was the simple statement that ‘as a healthcare administrator, you have the power to help shape the future of healthcare,’” said Hernandez.

    Hernandez believes that the ability to have an impact on the future of healthcare is dependent on building a solid understanding of the patient-provider relationship.

    “Having the power to help shape the future of healthcare relies on a patient-provider relationship,” said Hernandez. “As the healthcare industry works to reinvent itself, it is important to always have clear communication. In other words, you can only shape healthcare if there is mutual engagement and awareness.”

    Now in the final months of the MHA program, Hernandez is focused on her next steps.

    “Aside from giving me the opportunity to be successful in the healthcare industry, earning this degree will help me advance my career by giving me a solid foundation to make a difference,” said Hernandez. “My decisions as a healthcare professional will ultimately affect the careers of a number of people and the lives of even more patients.”

    We sat down with Hernandez to learn more about her program and to hear her advice for those considering a future in healthcare business.

    You are a recent graduate of the BS in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business program at MCPHS. How did your experience in that program help prepare you for the MHA program?

    My experience in the BS in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business program helped me decide to pursue my master’s degree. Though the transition seemed daunting, the knowledge I had gained beforehand, whether it was through my classes in healthcare management and law, healthcare marketing, or public health and policy, taught me skills such as communication, critical thinking, and leadership.

    Why did you choose to return to MCPHS for your Master of Healthcare Administration?

    I chose to return to return to MCPHS because I was already familiar with the campus, as well as the resources MCPHS provides to its students. In addition, I knew that MCPHS would help me if I ever needed assistance. It was convenient for me to have a smooth transition from undergraduate study to the graduate program, to further my career as student but also as a healthcare professional.

    Tell us about the MHA program at MCPHS.

    The MHA program prepared me to continuously grow as a leader. As we know, healthcare is an ever-changing and fast-paced environment; however, the MHA program has taught me how to understand and respond to complex demands in a healthcare setting by keeping me on track and focused.

    In your program, you focus on honing critical leadership skills, like communication, relationship management, knowledge of healthcare systems, and strategic management skills. What, for you, has been the biggest learning experience? The biggest surprise?

    The biggest learning experience for me has been learning about legal and ethical issues. Legal and ethical issues include ethical and end-of-life dilemmas, government ethics and law, organizational ethics and law, patient consent, abuse, and rights and responsibilities, along with other topics. The biggest surprise has been learning about double bookings in a hospital setting. As simple as the term may be, double-booking patients is dire, as it could result in health complications.

    How do your professors support you?

    My professors support me by being consistent and giving me thoughtful feedback in response to my questions, comments, or concerns. Specifically, Michael Spooner has been a great mentor through my undergraduate and graduate years. He always follows up and provides time for phone call and meetings with students who wish to talk about courses, issues, and/or the upcoming semesters. He makes it known that he is available to provide assistance and guidance at all times.

    Why would you recommend MCPHS for healthcare professionals looking to earn their advanced degree in administration or management?

    I would recommend MCPHS because the program is flexible, and it prepares graduate students to become leaders by providing them with the communication skills, professionalism, and relationship management skills needed to meet the changing needs of the healthcare system.

    You were recently promoted to a management position at Hale Barnard. Congratulations! Tell us about your current position. What are you responsible for?

    I am currently Manager of the Money Management Program at Hale Barnard, which is essentially a budget management program for seniors. This program is available to assist older low-income seniors who cannot manage their income, leaving them unable to pay their bills. Our clients often come to us due to risk of eviction and/or financial exploitation. As of now, I am responsible for recruiting, vetting, and matching potential candidates to assist our clients. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ financial needs are met. We help them create a budget so that money is available for food, rent, utilities, and personal expenses. I am responsible for keeping the clients in our program out of financial trouble, and I help them work to resolve past debts. I work in collaboration with the Social Security Administration and financial institutions.

    What are your career aspirations? What are your goals for the next five years?

    Although I was recently promoted to a management position, I aim to gain more experience in my field of study. Education is key! I believe that education is the most significant tool one can acquire, and it helps in overcoming challenges that may arise. For this reason, I aspire to pursue a fellowship to gain support, resources, and professional networks for my professional development in the next five years. My goal is to participate in a fellowship program to gain additional knowledge, return for my doctorate, and potentially run my own healthcare business.

    How will earning your MHA empower you to continue to advance in your career?

    My experience in the MHA program has already empowered me as an individual but also as a leader, by enhancing my understanding of certain aspects of relationship management and strategic management skills.

    How has online learning helped you balance your career and educational advancement with the rest of your busy life?

    The online MHA program at MCPHS is flexible, and I have been able to balance my career, studies, and personal life because I set my schedule weekly. I have had the opportunity to manage my own time while learning to be responsible and punctual.

    The part-time Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program at MCPHS is offered entirely online, giving you the flexibility to continue to work, and can be completed in 24 months.