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Collage of: Mass Art library space, new mural in the MCPHS student lounge, interior and exterior images of the new Emmanuel dorm.

New Campus Enhancements for Fall 2018

  • Coming this fall to the MCPHS Boston campus, exciting renovations and expanded living and study space. Learn more about what's new for Fall 2018.

    New casual study space

    With a diverse student body comes a diverse set of study methods and styles. To encourage collaborative, interdisciplinary work habits, which are central to today's professional healthcare environments, MCPHS is adding new active learning spaces that enhance students’ ability to work and learn together.

    The four floors of study spaces will feature open areas with flexible seating that is easily moved and rearranged to accommodate many different collaborative study combinations. Private conference rooms are also available and may be reserved for group-work projects. MCPHS students are all studying health-related fields and are deeply engaged in peer-to-peer learning – helping and supporting each other through rigorous academic programs.

    New active learning classrooms

    Designed to support fluid transitions among different teaching methods – from lectures to team project work to discussion to test taking and back again – MCPHS’s new active learning classrooms embrace and support a student-centered learning model. Created to maximize visual and physical access, these classrooms allow every student to have the best seat in the house and enable faculty to connect with students easily for frequent interactions and ongoing assessment. Technology is configured for sharing, leveraging both vertical and horizontal spaces for display and projection.

    Reconfigured Library and Technology Center

    Our library and our tech center have been reconfigured to seamlessly integrate students’ devices into the University’s technology infrastructure and allow access to instructional tools, course reserves, ebooks, and streaming resources. Most paper books have given way to digital content, online journals, and databases, and the stacks have given way to expanded student study and collaboration space.

    New shared residence space with Emmanuel College

    A new, 18-story residential facility has been built in the Fenway / Longwood Medical and Academic Area (LMA). In collaboration with Emmanuel College, MCPHS has added several hundred apartment-style housing units to the available housing options for our students. The new residence hall emphasizes sweeping views of the Fenway area and green space, the downtown Boston skyline, and the LMA.

    Full access to the library facilities located at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

    In addition to the library facilities on our campus, MCPHS students also enjoy privileges at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design library facilities, located just across the street from the 179 Longwood building. MCPHS students take advantage of 20,000 square feet of study space and conference rooms, and stunning panoramic views of Boston throughout the academic year.

    Renovated student lounge

    When students have downtime, they can relax and socialize in the newly refurbished Cardinal Lounge. Located adjacent to the Crossroads Café, the new student lounge has been outfitted with numerous comfortable seating arrangements that promote a social atmosphere, a 90-inch television, smartphone charging stations, and a mural depicting Boston landmarks.

    Clockwise from left to right: Massachusetts College of Art and Design library, new mural in the MCPHS student lounge, interior and exterior images of the new shared residence space with Emmanuel College.