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Kristen Dvorsky, MCPHS Senior Associate Director of Campus Life.

Staff Spotlight: Kristen Dvorsky, Senior Associate Director of Campus Life

  • As Senior Associate Director of Campus Life in the Student Affairs Division, Kristen Dvorsky lives and breathes community engagement. She’s the woman who works behind the scenes to make Orientation, Welcome Weekend, and Family Weekend the best possible experience for students. And that’s not to mention the scores of other initiatives and programs she brings to life on the Boston campus.

    Dvorsky is inspired by her students every day. “My favorite part of my job is working with our students,” said Dvorsky. “They are the reason I come to work and why I love what I do. They inspire me and surprise me each day.”

    She says that seeing her students grow into effective and passionate leaders makes her role especially rewarding. “I find that our students are consistently making an impact on our MCPHS community as well as the local area,” said Dvorsky.

    We sat down with Dvorsky to learn more about her role and to hear a little bit about what she has been working on for the new academic year.

    Tell us about your role here at MCPHS. What are you responsible for?

    I’m responsible for coordinating all programs assisting with transitioning new students and their families and guests to campus. I coordinate all of our Orientation sessions as well as Family Weekend during the fall semester. I work a lot with our student leaders on campus, especially our Orientation Leaders—and soon the SGA executive board! I also get to train our students and assist with their leadership development.

    What are you currently working on?

    I’m currently working on finalizing Family Weekend. I enjoy the planning process of these major events on campus and welcoming our new students and their families and guests to our campus.

    Tell us about a time when one of your students personally inspired you.

    Our students inspire me every day. They are the most passionate, caring individuals I have ever met. They are always going out of their way to help in their community and learn as much as they can. It comes as no surprise that they are going to be healthcare providers because they truly value care.

    How so?

    I have had multiple students go to South America and throughout the United States to intern at various hospitals and learn about healthcare. When they return and tell me about their experiences, I’m in awe. I’ve also had former Orientation Leaders hike Mount Kilimanjaro to benefit the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. My students motivate me to be a better person and are sometimes (literally) climbing mountains!

    What does it mean to be involved with these students?

    I’m honored to be one tiny piece of my students’ journey as healthcare professionals. I always remind them to do me a favor: when they make it big, remember the small people like me!

    What is your biggest piece of advice for freshmen?

    Get involved, and do everything you can! I know that sounds cliché for someone who works in student activities to say, but it’s true! This is the time to take advantage of all the things MCPHS, as well as the city of Boston, has to offer. You will never be able to go on the Spirit of Boston for less than $25 when you are out of college! This is such a great time for you to find your niche and meet other students in your academic program as well as in the Colleges of the Fenway.

    Why is it so important to get involved?

    First-year students who don’t get involved tend to have a harder time feeling connected to the University. That’s why we are here! We make it easy for students to get involved and experience MCPHS and Boston.

    What’s your favorite MCPHS tradition?

    I would have to say Haunted Halls is one of my favorite traditions on campus. It’s hosted by Campus Activities Board (CAB).

    The event used to be called “The Seven Deadly Sins,” but when I supervised CAB, we reenvisioned this event into what it is today. This annual fall tradition now attracts over 200 people to White Hall and occurs over two days.

    Everyone has their favorite #MCPHSmoments! What’s yours?

    Move-in Day, the start of the fall semester, has to be one of my favorite #MCPHSmoments! It is usually a beautiful day, and we get to welcome our new students to campus. You usually can find me at the Palace Road entrance with my clipboard in hand, directing traffic and seeing all our families and guests from July Orientation sessions! It’s a great way to connect with our students and begin the school year.