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MCPHS Nursing student

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Launches Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

  • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) has launched a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program that prepares nurses to deliver expert care, provide innovative practice, and translate evidence-based care to clinical practice.

    Offered in a convenient online format, this two-year program is designed for advanced practice registered nurses, including those certified as nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists, or clinical nurse specialists, who are looking to reach the highest level of the nursing profession.

    According to Carol Eliadi, EdD, JD, NP-BC, dean of nursing for the Worcester and Manchester campuses, the program represents a terminal degree in nursing practice and is an alternative to the research-focused Doctorate of Philosophy.

    “The curriculum for the DNP degree builds upon traditional master’s programs by providing education in evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and systems leadership,” said Professor Eliadi. “The DNP is intended to be a parity degree with other healthcare doctorates, such as psychology, pharmacy, physical therapy, medicine, and dentistry.”

    The program is the first doctoral-level degree program offered by the School of Nursing, which also offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, certificates of advanced graduate studies, and Master of Science in Nursing.

    Students in the DNP program can customize their degree by completing elective courses in areas they are passionate about.

    “The program is unique in that the curriculum allows for the student to take three elective courses,” said Professor Eliadi. “These electives can include graduate-level courses from the School of Nursing or from other degree programs within the University, such as public health, health sciences, acupuncture and integrative health, healthcare administration, clinical research, and regulatory affairs and health policy, among others.”

    As part of the DNP program, students work closely with faculty to develop and present a scholarly project informed by their experiences in class and through immersion experiences.

    “Each student will work under the guidance of a faculty mentor to complete a major scholarly project within the clinical arena,” said Professor Eliadi. “This scholarly project is based on an advanced nursing practice immersion experience that is designed to address a nursing or healthcare problem, with the goal of improving practice or healthcare outcomes. “

    Applications to the Doctor of Nursing Practice program are now being accepted for the Summer 2018 semester.