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Make the Most of Vacation through Public Health Summer Immersion

  • As a rising junior or senior in high school, you are looking to make the most of your summer vacation. From volunteering and gaining work experience to having fun with your friends, there are lots of great ways to fill your summer.

    One experience to add to your list? Public Health Summer Immersion at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS).

    The Public Health Summer Immersion program is designed to give high school students a front-row seat to the exciting field of public health. Led by Dr. Keri Griffin, PhD, MPH, MPA, MCHES, the three-day program is an intensive, immersive experienced, filled with laboratory time, field trips, breakout sessions, and speakers.

    Here are just a few of the reasons you should apply:

    Discover your passion

    As a high school student, you have a world of opportunity ahead of you. While you may already know that you're interested in science and healthcare, you may not be sure of your exact direction. The very best way to find that direction - and your future career path - is to experience it for yourself. You may just discover your passion.

    Get a glimpse of the bigger picture

    Professor Carly Levy, Instructor of Public Health, explains that public health is about looking at the big picture. “Public health is not about diagnosis and treatment of one individual, but understanding the patterns of injury and illness throughout a population to improve health outcomes,” said Professor Levy. That means that the field public health is focused on the areas that affect the overall health and welfare of a community, including location, income, education, race, and access to healthcare. During Public Health Summer Immersion, you will begin to think about these topics and discover how public health professionals are tackling inequality as a means to improve health.

    Hear from special guests and speakers

    One of the best ways to gain insight into a field is by hearing from the professionals and leaders who live and breathe their subject matter. With special guests and speakers from the world of public health, you can discover a behind-the-scenes view of the field.

    Put your knowledge into practice

    Take the ideas and concepts you've learned from your lectures and guest speakers and put them into action. During last year's Public Health Summer Immersion, students experienced a hands-on poverty simulation, designed to help students understand the challenges faced by those who are experiencing poverty. For many of the students, the experience was invaluable.“I think poverty simulations should be a state-wide thing,” said Isabelle, a student at Bedford High School. “Everyone should experience an exercise like this.”

    Get active

    During the program, you will have the opportunity to put the knowledge you've gained into practice inside the laboratory, outside of the classroom during special outdoor activities, and during special team-based activities. Watch our behind-the-scenes video from last year's team exercise.


    As a rising junior or senior, you are probably already thinking about how to successfully network and build connections. At Public Health Summer Immersion, you will have the opportunity to make connections that will help you grow as a student. Get to know our faculty and ask them for advice on how to pick a college program. Meet other high school students interested in science and healthcare. And exchange information with our speakers and special guests. All of these connections will be invaluable to you as you prepare to apply to college.

    Connect with our public health students and alumni

    Here at MCPHS, we offer bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in public health, and our current students and alumni are engaged members of the public health community. Current student Sheena Thakkar ’17 is passionate about how public health helps communities. “What excites me most about the field of public health is the impact it has on communities,” said Sheena. “With public health, instead of treating one patient at a time, we strive to treat communities at a time.” At Public Health Summer Immersion, you can meet alumni and students like Sheena and hear their advice.

    Build your resume

    You understand the importance of building a well-rounded resume, filled with varied experiences that demonstrate commitment and passion. What better way to demonstrate your passion for sciences and healthcare than by immersing yourself in the field? Add Public Health Summer Immersion to your resume, in addition to volunteer work, extra-curricular activities, and work experience, for a well-rounded resume that will strengthen your college application.

    It's all possible at Public Health Summer Immersion.

    We are now accepting applications for Public Health Summer Immersion, which will take place August 14-16, 2017 at MCPHS-Boston.