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MCPHS at the AAO meeting.

All Eyes on the MCPHS School of Optometry at the Annual AAO Meeting

  • Faculty, students, and alumni from the MCPHS School of Optometry attended and participated in the 2018 American Academy of Optometry (AAO) Meeting. This year marked the 97th annual meeting, which provides both up-and-coming and world-renowned optometrists the chance to share their research, ideas, and developments on a global stage.

    MCPHS had the honor of sending over two dozen representatives to demonstrate the University’s dedication to innovation. Eight MCPHS representatives presented posters, three lead lectures, and several faculty members were active participants in Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings, which provide a space for members to interact, share their contributions to a field of study, and be recognized for their accomplishments.

    As alumni and faculty presented their research and collaborated on new findings, a number of current MCPHS students participated in a demanding academic challenge called the Essilor Student Bowl. Asha Tadepalli, Damien Gietzen, and Bryanna Caron, all of whom were third-year OD students, performed exceptionally, ultimately placing fourth amongst 22 teams. Dr. Amy Falk, Associate Dean of Academic Programs, expertly served as a panelist to comment on questions that were challenged by participants.

    The weekend of scientific innovation and celebration came to a picture-perfect close as three members of the MCPHS OD Class of 2017, including Dr. Lina Han, were awarded the distinct honor of becoming Academy Fellows.