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Pharmacy students

MCPHS School of Pharmacy Holds Annual Mini-Symposium

  • The 2019 Annual Mini-Symposium at MCPHS was held on Thursday, July 25 in Worcester, MA.

    At the event, students enrolled in different stages of the pharmaceutical cancer research concentration displayed literature-based and original research efforts related to the theme: “Pediatric solid malignancies: Nano-drug delivery and other strategies to overcome tumor barriers.” Graduate students who conducted research in a similar area of investigation also displayed their work.

    All P1 (first professional year) student participants presented the results of research compiled over the course of an intensive 10-week summer course in the School of Pharmacy—Worcester/Manchester, entitled Experimental Cancer Research (PSW 368). In PSW 368, P1 students focus on a specific area of research investigation as part of a 4-member cancer research team. The senior P2 research teams presented on bench research projects as a follow-up to literature-based research conducted by the same team in the prior year.

    "We created this opportunity to help the students begin to understand how best to network and exchange ideas about current and future research directions," says MCPHS professor and Director of the Pharmaceutical Cancer Research Concentration, Dr. Robert Campbell. "The earlier they learn these skills, the better for them.”

    Dr. Campbell organized the event, which was sponsored by the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences as well as the Dean of the School of Pharmacy—Worcester/Manchester, Dr. Anna Morin.

    The School of Pharmacy prepares students for fulfilling careers in the field of pharmacy.