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Bottle of naloxone.

MCPHS Students Assist in Northeastern University's Opioid Awareness Initiative

  • In a 2019 article published by Northeastern University’s Huntington News, students discussed their ongoing effort to bring more opioid overdose awareness, education, and prevention training to their campus.

    As part of this initiative, the university’s behavioral neuroscience organization, the Neurons Club, called upon MCPHS students to help train their members on how to assist a person who has overdosed. The MCPHS students, referred to as “student trainers,” offered their expertise during one of the club’s Brain Awareness Week events.

    Student trainer Carly Magoon, a fourth-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) candidate, was excited to work on a peer-to-peer basis with the organization’s members.

    “We go directly through students, which I think is empowering in itself … the fact that students are reaching out and saying ‘Hey, we need a training like this,’” said Carly.

    Read the full article here.