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Morris Berman OD, MS

Morris Berman OD, MS, Dean of the School of Optometry, on Expanding the Role of Optometrists in MA

  • In a brand new editorial in CommonWealth magazine, Morris Berman, Dean of the School of Optometry at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) advocates for expanding the role of optometrists in Massachusetts.

    In the editorial, Dean Berman points to the expanded role optometrists already play in every other state in the nation. “In every state, optometrists prescribe oral antibiotics to treat ocular infections as well as treat and manage glaucoma,” writes Dean Berman. “Massachusetts is the only state where this is not permitted.”

    Dean Berman explains that this restriction leads to patients needing a referral to an opthamologist, often leading to long wait times and added costs for patients. He points to a bill, currently before the Massachusetts Legislature, which would expand the role of optometrists and address the issue, in addition to securing $20 million in MassHealth savings.

    “Enabling optometrists to practice as they have been trained is a vision that we should all share,” Dean Berman writes in the piece.

    Click here to read the editorial in CommonWealth magazine.

    The Doctor of Optometry program at MCPHS–Worcester is a four-year, full-time program designed to prepare students with the requisite skills, experience, and confidence to practice and advance as a professional optometrist in a wide variety of clinical settings.