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National Student Nurses Association MCPHS Chapter

National Student Nurses Association MCPHS Chapter President Jonathan Bowyer, BSN ’19 Looks Forward to the Year Ahead

  • At Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS), students gain leadership experience by contributing to professional organizations, enhancing their education and better preparing them for their future careers as healthcare professionals.

    One of these organizations is the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA), which has an engaged and active MCPHS chapter.

    Anthony Lacina, Coordinator of Data and Assessment and Clinical Coordinator in the School of Nursing, serves as co-staff advisor to the SON Involvement Council, a collaborative working group made up of NSNA, Nursing Students Without Borders, and class ambassadors and representatives. The council’s goal is to capitalize the talents, initiatives, and resources of nursing student leadership and involvement organizations.

    Anthony sat down with current president NSNA Jonathan Bowyer, Bachelor of Science in Nursing '19, to get his insight into what the organization has planned for the year.

    Anthony Lacina: Tell us about NSNA.

    Jonathan Bowyer, President: NSNA provides volunteer work throughout the community. In addition to this, we provide events which enrich our perspective heading into the healthcare profession. This includes volunteering with the Roxbury Tenants of Harvard and our yearly Light the Night walk to raise funds for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.

    What is the mission of NSNA and how do you see the organization meeting its mission by the end of the academic year?

    Our mission is to unite the School of Nursing by promoting the skills necessary to become responsible members of the nursing profession. I like to say that NSNA is a beacon to students within the School of Nursing. Rather than just a way to build up a resume, we offer unity, which can sometimes be missing because of the speed of this program. I see us meeting this goal by offering simple, yet beneficial, events and meetings throughout the year.

    What kind of programs do you have planned?

    Our programs for the upcoming year include Light the Night, as well as volunteer work at the Roxbury Tenants of Harvard every other week, and a larger volunteer opportunity when Thanksgiving comes around and they have their annual dinner.

    How does interprofessional collaboration come into play?

    We have an interprofessional event in the works where nursing students will work through a lab simulation with PA and Pharmacy students. With a lot more in the development, we don’t want to announce anything prematurely just yet!

    Are there any opportunities for current and new nursing students to get involved?

    There are always opportunities to get involved. New and current nursing students are always encouraged to attend a meeting at any point of the year and become involved, or even just sign up for one of our many events. Earlier is always idea, because students have more opportunities and chances to benefit. Members are rewarded with pins for attending three general meetings and one event or volunteer opportunity.

    In your opinion, why should students in the accelerated nursing program get involved with on-campus organizations?

    Students should get involved because, in this program, it can be incredibly easy to forget that we are college students. Meaning, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the lifestyle of a college student because, after all, you don’t get to experience it more than once. This is a serious value of NSNA, and we all strongly recommend enjoying your time rather than simply getting through it.

    How can students stay tuned with programs, meetings, and events?

    Staying tuned is easy. We will, for the first time ever, have our very own Blackboard page where all future events and general meetings will always be posted. Beyond this, NSNA is available on Facebook and will constantly send reminders via email to all members and, periodically, to those who are not.

    Pictured: 2017-2018 NSNA Executive Board, from left to right: Shayna Harrington BSN '19, ACPO Representative; Deanna Singleton BSN '19, Events and Volunteer Chair; Deanna McNally BSN '19, Vice President; Jonathan Bowyer BSN '19, President; Melanie Menard BSN '19, Secretary; Autumn Vadenais BSN '19, Treasurer

    The School of Nursing at MCPHS offers undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs designed to elevate the next generation of nursing leaders.