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Graduates of OD program at Commencement.

MCPHS School of Optometry Celebrates Class of 2019

  • Sixty-three students received their Doctor of Optometry degree at the MCPHS Commencement Ceremonies, which were held at Gillette Stadium on May 4. Seven of the 63 graduates received dual Doctor of Optometry/Master of Public Helath (OD-MPH) degrees, which is a significant academic achievement.

    At the ceremony, Kristin Kosch and Rebecca Hales were honored as class valedictorians, and Les Walls, OD, MD, DOS, the founding School of Optometry dean, was honored with an award from the MCPHS Board of Trustees. Two days prior to Commencement, Dr. Walls spoke at the MCPHS Graduation Awards Ceremony, an event designed to recognize students for their achievements in academics, clinical excellence, leadership and volunteerism. This year’s awards were valued at over $49,000 from internal and external funding sources.

    As the event's main speaker, Dr. Wall recounted the importance of caring for patients we serve, a sentiment shared by the accomplished members of the School of Optometry's graduating class.