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Pharmacy and Optometry student participate in an IPE event.

Pharmacy Publication Sets Spotlight on Interprofessional Education at MCPHS

  • MCPHS's commitment to interprofessional education (IPE) was highlighted in a recent article published by the Pharmacy Times, an online platform that specializes in delivering pharmacy-related news.

    The piece noted that the University's many ongoing IPE initiatives, which include on-campus activities and off-campus partnerships, involve almost every academic program offered on campus, from nursing, acupuncture, and physical therapy, to diagnostic medical sonography, dental hygiene, and physician assistant studies.

    The article focused on a specific IPE event recently held on the MCPHS–Worcester campus. During this activity, third-year pharmacy and fourth-year optometry students collaborated across disciplines to educate one another on eye care and the treatment of ocular conditions. Students talked through the differences between and benefits of various over-the-counter ophthalmic products in the context of how these drugs impacted particular eye conditions. The students also discussed some common eye conditions, such as allergic conjunctivitis and dry eye, that can be treated without medication. 

    “The optometry students learned a lot; the pharmacy students learned a lot. I learned a lot from working with optometrists," said Kaelen C. Dunican, PharmD, MCPHS Professor of Pharmacy Practice, who was quoted in the article. "The reward for the students was pretty great. I think everyone benefited from this activity.” 

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