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Frances Kistner PT, PhD, CEAS, director of the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program.

Running Out Of Wall Space: The Doctor Of Physical Therapy Program Wins Sixth Marquette Recognition

  • For the sixth year in the last seven, MCPHS students enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program have earned a notable honor from the Marquette Challenge, an annual fundraising effort sponsored by the Foundation for Physical Therapy. Carried out entirely by physical therapy and physical therapy assistant students across the country, the challenge raises funds to support new investigators in physical therapy research. Last year, more than $340,000 was raised nationwide for physical therapy research through the Marquette Challenge.

    “Finding funding for physical therapy research is challenging,” says Frances Kistner PT, PhD, CEAS, director of the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. “There isn’t the same kind of funding that pharmaceutical research receives. So we need to get creative.” The discipline has grown through the passion and energy of its students. MCPHS students have entered the fundraising effort every year since the DPT program’s inception seven years ago, placing six of those times at Honorable Mention level or above (by raising more than $3,000 for research) in a field of more than one hundred participating schools.

    Additionally, the DPT program earned Most Successful Newcomer recognition in 2011-12, the first year that MCPHS participated. This leaves Kistner with an entirely new challenge: where to put all the certificates. “It’s a nice problem to have,” she confesses. Even nicer is the knowledge that MCPHS students have contributed to the future of physical therapy research, and to the patients whose lives that research will transform.

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