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Student studying in the MCPHS library.

Study Tips from the Center for Academic Success and Enrichment (CASE)

  • Classes are coming to a close, and we’re one step closer to finals week!

    Planning to devote some serious time to studying this weekend? The Center for Academic Success and Enrichment (CASE) offers academic support and guidance to all students through a variety of services, including peer mentoring, advising, and more. We asked some of our learning specialists, tutors, and peer mentors to share their tips for study success:

    “Study course material in small chucks to allow yourself time to process the information, rather than cramming at the last minute.”- Una DeChellis, Learning Specialist

    “Make a study schedule that includes breaks to help you use your time efficiently. Be sure to get enough sleep and eat healthy!” -Lara Ambrosi, Premedical and Health Sciences ’16, Tutor

    “Find a quiet area that you can have complete focus in, have your study materials nearby and make sure to start studying well in advance of your exams.” – Brenna Maynard, Nursing ’16, Peer Mentor

    “Don't forget water and a healthy snack to keep your brain working during the entire exam and make sure you get enough sleep. Feeling energized during an exam will make a big difference on your performance!” – Angela Maggio, PharmD ’18, Peer Mentor

    The Center for Academic Success and Enrichment (former the Academic Resource Center) offers academic support services designed to help students attain their goals, including mentoring, advising, and coaching.