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Timothy Dy Aungst

Timothy Dy Aungst on the Intersection of Wearable Technology and Pharmacy

  • Timothy Dy Aungst, Pharm.D, is an associate professor of pharmacy practice at MCPHS with a passion for understanding how healthcare’s biggest technological innovations can be applied to the industry of pharmacy. In a recent article for ComputerTalk, Timothy discussed how wearables, or small, bio-reading sensors, can potentially be used to digitally monitor the clinical and health outcomes of patients.

    “Many devices have entered the market that can be worn peripherally on the patient (e.g., wrist mounted) or attached directly to the body for higher data collection (e.g., blood glucose),” says Timothy. “Of particular interest to the pharmacy field, these technologies may pave the way for increased opportunities for medication oversight by pharmacists with an eye on improved clinical outcomes and patient safety.”

    Timothy explains that wearable technology has the potential to revolutionize pharmacy in many ways, including monitoring patients’ blood pressure, blood glucose, and adherence to their prescribed pharmacotherapy.

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