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MCPHS Counselors

For Mental Health Awareness Month, our Counseling Services team answered students’ questions via Instagram stories.

MCPHS Students in the IPE Book club

The IPE Book Club Experience is just one of many curricular and extracurricular activities emphasizing interprofessional practice and education at MCPHS.

MCPHS Student Caleb Heaslip

Chemistry Major Caleb Heaslip, BS ’24, was recently awarded a position in the highly-competitive University of Michigan Cancer Research Summer Internship Program.

MCPHS Alumni Sheik Faye

Using a business plan created in his MBA program, Sheik Faye, MPAS ’18, MBA ’21 opens a clinic in Rocky Mount, North Carolina to serve the underserved community.

Elijah Carrier MCPHS Alumni

Elijah Carrier, BS ’13, is now the Manager of Transformation Operations for a bioengineering company called Ginkgo Bioworks in the Seaport District.

Hieu Tran MCPHS

Biology student Hieu Tran has been accepted to the Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program.

Ryland Roderick MCPHS Student

Three years ago, PA student Ryland Roderick suffered cardiac arrest. Now, he is considering specializing in cardiac medicine.

Dr. Nii Addy and MCPHS student

MCPHS Center for Campus Life invited Dr. Nii Addy, a neuroscientist and professor at Yale University, to speak about the importance of mental health and wellness in 2022.