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Kenneth Richman, PhD., Professor of Philosophy and Healthcare Ethics
The professor of philosophy and health care ethics weighs in on how to perform ethical coronavirus research in the midst of the pandemic.
large group of students at an event
Data from the U.S. Department of Education puts MCPHS student body in the top 25 most inclusive.
Kelly Leung
After a brief glimpse into the business of healthcare, Kelly Leung realized the importance business roles hold in the healthcare industry and chose to follow this new passion throughout the remainder of her undergraduate career.
Chart of top 10 institutions long-term net present value. MCPHS ranks third.

The study reports that the net economic value that students realize after 30 years is $1.8 million, and after 40 years is $2.4 million.

Dental hygiene students and faculty looking at dental x-rays on computer screen.

As the demand for dental hygienists continues to grow, so do the career possibilities for those with a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene.

Three students looking at iPad.

Healthcare management is the perfect field for those interested in working in the administrative side of healthcare.

Mike Blum headshot

After working as a special education teacher for six years, Mike Plum decided it was time to dive in and make a career change.

Panelists at Silver Tsunami event.

At the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Care's most recent MCPHS—Boston event, a set of three panelists offered insight on how to deliver empathetic care to an aging population.