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MCPHS Students

Students attended the Goddard House’s interactive Dementia Awareness and Sensitivity Training where they learned to be more empathetic healthcare providers.

MCPHS Alum Jose Mauricio Paredes Quiroz

Jose Mauricio Paredes Quiroz, MS ’22, works in industry to discover and develop a new type of medicine.

MCPHS Student Erica Pusateri

Erica Pusateri, RT’24, was recently selected for a competitive leadership program offered by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

MCPHS Yulemny Alcantara Fraai

Yulemny Alcantara Fraai, RT (R)(M) returns to work as a mammographer at the same clinic that she visited for her mammography exam.

MCPHS Michelle Dowling

Assistant Professor Michelle Dowling completed her Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree concurrently with a Low Vision Certificate Program to better serve patients and show students that they can always keep learning.


MCPHS is offering a fully-online mammography review class to help those studying for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) mammography exam. The class is open to the public.

MCPHS Student Lina Hasan,

Lina Hasan, PharmD ’22, works more than 50 hours a week as a pharmacist based in Houston, TX. She was attracted to the online 24-month Non-Traditional Doctor of Pharmacy Program because it allows practicing pharmacists the ability to obtain a PharmD while still working their full-time jobs.

MCPHS Students in the IPE Book club

The IPE Book Club Experience is just one of many curricular and extracurricular activities emphasizing interprofessional practice and education at MCPHS.