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Olympic Rings
MCPHS alum Andrew Chetcuti DPT, ’19, was honored as Malta’s flag bearer at the Tokyo Olympics where he will compete in the men’s 100m freestyle swim.
Ashley Sullivan
With perspective gained from an occupational therapy internship in Kenya, Ashley Sullivan, BS (Health Psychology) ’21, takes a thoughtful approach in treating patients of all cultures and backgrounds.
Illya Karpenko
In addition to the countless COVID-19 tests that Illya Karpenko administered at a senior housing center throughout the pandemic, he also contributed something unexpectedly valuable to the residents.
No smoking, no vaping sign on a door.
The Center, founded in 2019, provides undergraduate students with research funding, mentorship, internship, and networking opportunities.
Jolie Hoang
From being a standout peer mentor to founding the MCPHS TEDx Club to centering her undergraduate research on community mental health needs, Jolie Hoang has demonstrated leadership throughout her MCPHS career.
Maame Esi
Maame Esi works full-time at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute as she prepares her application for medical school—but she is also a student in the Master of Public Health online program.
Cover slide from a zoom presentation on strengthening immunity.
The IPE event saw students from six different MCPHS schools present informative content to Colony Retirement Home residents.
Professor Larry Baitch using a dark adaptometer on a patient.
With collaboration from Reliant Medical Group and a Dark Adaptometry device loaned by Maculogix, Inc., MCPHS Optometry Professor Dr. Larry Baitch found eye-opening results in his research into a potential screening method for hydroxychloroquine retinal toxicity.