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Peter Aaron Goolkasian

The inspiring story of Armenian Genocide survivor and MCPHS alum Peter Goolkasian PhG '32.

Hardik Goswami
The India native and graduate of the MCPHS Pharmaceutical Health Economics and Policy doctoral program talks about the importance of his faculty and peer mentors.
Graphic of COVID-19 webinar
In a time of information overload—and a global pandemic— finding trustworthy resources is more important than ever.
Graphic of COVID-19 Webinar.
Can we have a healthy response to a pandemic while maintaining values such as privacy and freedom of movement?
Screenshot of a Video on the Virology of COVID.
Clear information on what exactly the coronavirus is and why it's been so dangerous.
Insulin pen with phone. Phone displays data from the pen.
If the last time you thought about diabetes, you imagined vials of clear insulin and being stuck with syringes, you’re in for a surprise.
Two healthcare workers looking at an x-ray.

The Center for Integration of Primary Care and Oral Health, a collaboration among MCPHS, Harvard Medical School, and other area universities, places a strong emphasis on interprofessional education and collaboration as key to treating patients successfully.

Madeline Acquilano PharmD '19
Madeline Acquilano, PharmD '19, takes us through her day as a PGY1 pharmacy resident at St. Vincent's Medical Center, which has become anything but typical since the COVID-19 pandemic started.