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Hieu Tran MCPHS

Biology student Hieu Tran has been accepted to the Harvard Stem Cell Institute Internship Program.

Ryland Roderick MCPHS Student

Three years ago, PA student Ryland Roderick suffered cardiac arrest. Now, he is considering specializing in cardiac medicine.

Dr. Nii Addy and MCPHS student

MCPHS Center for Campus Life invited Dr. Nii Addy, a neuroscientist and professor at Yale University, to speak about the importance of mental health and wellness in 2022.

MCPHS professor and student look at monitor

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences alumni rank among the top earners in the nation.

MCPHS Alumni

With more than 2,300 applications competing for 58 coveted spots, the MCPHS Biopharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program is very competitive.

Male student and female student talking

A new report by the Bipartisan Policy Center ranks MCPHS as the fourth-best institution in the nation for Return on Investment.

Mother/Daughter COVID nurses

Master of Science in Nursing student Alex Dube follows her mother's lead in nursing efforts on the COVID-19 front lines.

Rachel-Prendergast-Tombeno MCPHS student

Learn about the MCPHS transfer student experience through the eyes of Rachel Prendergast-Tombeno, BS/DPT ’23.