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MCPHS Students in the IPE Book club

The IPE Book Club Experience is just one of many curricular and extracurricular activities emphasizing interprofessional practice and education at MCPHS.

MCPHS Occupational Therapy student Lindsey Barrows.
Occupational Therapy student Lindsay Barrows is highlighted for her work to increase diversity in the field of occupational therapy with the MCPHS chapter and national organization of Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (COTAD).
OT student Morgan Hoopengardner standing in front of art created by seniors.
Occupational Therapy student Morgan Hoopengardner started an art therapy group for seniors at an assisted living facility.
MCPHS Occupational Therapy Students
A group of OT students led by Abigail McCaffrey, MSOT ’22, worked with the International Institute of New England to collect donations for refugees fleeing Afghanistan.
Ashley Sullivan
With perspective gained from an occupational therapy internship in Kenya, Ashley Sullivan, BS (Health Psychology) ’21, takes a thoughtful approach in treating patients of all cultures and backgrounds.
Headshots of students who gave oral presentations at the 2021 Interprofessional Student Showcase.
The third annual Interprofessional Student Scholarship Showcase featured eight oral presentations to highlight the interprofessional spirit of the event, selected from 21 abstracts submitted by students from the Manchester and Worcester campuses of MCPHS University.
PA students and faculty in class with a simulation dummy.

The official 2021 job rankings from U.S. News and World Report are in.

Graphic of Poster for the IPE Guess Who event.
Preparing students for interprofessional collaborative practice is a key part of the MCPHS experience.