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MCPHS Students in the IPE Book club

The IPE Book Club Experience is just one of many curricular and extracurricular activities emphasizing interprofessional practice and education at MCPHS.

Three MCPHS students participating in an IPE event.
Celebrate with the Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (CIPE).
Rachel-Prendergast-Tombeno MCPHS student

Learn about the MCPHS transfer student experience through the eyes of Rachel Prendergast-Tombeno, BS/DPT ’23.

Jacinda Félix Haro MCPHS

Get to know Dean of Students Jacinda Félix Haro and her accomplished background in Student Affairs.

Kristy Altongy Magee
Kristy Altongy-Magee, DScPAS, PA-C details her professional experience in telehealth, the future of this discipline, the type of professional who would benefit most from obtaining the Certificate in Telehealth Practice, and what makes the MCPHS certificate unique.
Group of healthcare professionals in a hospital setting.
Pharmacists are key healthcare providers for patients with chronic disease, but their place on interprofessional care teams has not always been understood. A recent publication explores their role.
Cover slide from a zoom presentation on strengthening immunity.
The IPE event saw students from six different MCPHS schools present informative content to Colony Retirement Home residents.
Graphic of Poster for the IPE Guess Who event.
Preparing students for interprofessional collaborative practice is a key part of the MCPHS experience.