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Aerial view of MCPHS buildings.
There are limitless possibilities through the consortium.
 Laura Stanton BSN ’15,

Discover the moment Laura knew she was ready to be a nurse.

Hannah Borgoyne Nursing 16

One student shares insight into completing a clinical rotation at the nation's number one pediatric hospital.

Female students in the MCPHS chemistry lab.
Market Watch explains why some colleges - including MCPHS - are better at getting women into STEM.
Colleen McDonnell RT 16

One former art student shares why she decided to transfer to MCPHS.

Morgan Dobry

Morgan explains how her program gave her a competitive edge in the job market.

Jessie Valensi, PharmD ’15

Jessie explains how her student leadership experience will help her excel in her future career as a pharmacist.

Student studying in the MCPHS library.
We asked some of our learning specialists, tutors, and peer mentors to share their tips for study success.