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MCPHS University Presidential Search

Following 23 years of leadership that led to unprecedented growth and success, President Charles F. Monahan, Jr. has retired from MCPHS University.

The search for the University’s next President is underway. The University is being assisted by executive recruiting firm Battalia Winston.

The Presidential Search Committee is being chaired by Richard Griffin, chair of the Board of Trustees. Trustee Ron Thiboutot is serving as Committee vice-chair.

Committee membership:

  • Cheryl Abel – Faculty, School of Pharmacy-Worcester/Manchester
  • Kristy Altongy-Magee – Director, Physician Assistant Studies-Manchester/Worcester
  • Chris Flynn – Trustee
  • Susan Gorman – Faculty and Department Chair, School of Arts & Sciences
  • Richard Griffin – Trustee and Committee Chair
  • Gary Kerr – Trustee
  • Lorraine Ng – Associate Director, Human Resources
  • Alexander Pham – Alumnus
  • Michael Searvance – Trustee
  • Kirtana Sripathi – Student, School of Pharmacy-Boston
  • Ron Thiboutot – Trustee and Committee Vice-chair
  • Karen Tubridy – Trustee
  • Les Walls – Trustee

The University is being assisted in this search by retainer-based executive recruiting firm Battalia Winston.

President (

The University

For nearly 200 years, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (now MCPHS University) has been educating future healthcare leaders at undergraduate and graduate levels. With a singular focus on healthcare and a broad portfolio of over 100 programs MCPHS is uniquely positioned to provide an innovative, interprofessional collaborative education that better prepares students for the integrative team-based care models of today’s evolving healthcare system. A statement of Mission, Vision & Values, including a strong commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, can be found at here.

With campuses in Boston’s Longwood Medical Center area, Worcester, MA and Manchester, NH the University has deep-rooted relationships with prestigious medical and research institutions across New England and around the globe, enabling students to gain the most effective clinical and non-clinical experiences available.

The University currently has over 7000 students, 1300 faculty and staff, 40 buildings, an endowment of over $1b and revenues approaching $300m. Financially sound, it is recognized as a top US university in job placements and providing the best value for tuition. MCPHS is a complex, diverse organization that is fully accredited, conferring 40 degrees across 26 specialties.

The student body is highly diverse, 70% female, and includes 13% of students from 70 countries. They are highly motivated and intensely focused on the tasks at hand. They participate in 11,000 clinical rotations per year.

The faculty is non-union, largely sourced from clinical careers, passionate on behalf of student success and does not have a tenure system.

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University came together and pivoted quickly to distance learning. The community is adaptable, flexible, resilient and inventive.

MCPHS has gone through dramatic growth over the past 20+ years. Their long-time President, who had a strong business focus, has retired, and they seek a new President who can lead the University into the rapidly evolving healthcare and education future with a similarly strong business mindset. That future presents challenges but also opportunities for growth and leadership.


Reporting to the Board of Trustees, the President is the principal executive officer of the university and is responsible for the academic, administrative and financial affairs of the university, along with compliance with applicable oversight agencies. The President will work proactively and collaboratively with the Board of Trustees to increase university resources, build collaborative partnerships with public and private sector entities and navigate changing higher education and healthcare delivery environments. Priorities will include:

  • Advancing policies promoting diversity, creating financial accountability, protecting academic freedom and ensuring access and equality of educational opportunity.
  • Creating a culture of ethics, accountability, transparency and integrity.
  • Leading the team of university VPs who oversee system-level functions: academic affairs, advancement, finance, human resources, university relations, and risk management.
  • Assessing futures for higher education and healthcare delivery, including impact of demographics, globalization, online and digital education and other technologies, to refine and update the strategic plan, then drive the execution of that plan.
  • Engaging with officials and policymakers at the city, state and Federal levels, along with private sector leaders to facilitate collaboration and partnerships; being a leader in the local communities.
  • Confronting financial challenges facing higher education, including fewer high school graduates and increasing tensions around international student visas.
  • Enhancing student support and research/scholarship at both faculty and student levels.
  • Communicating as the university’s chief representative.

Building upon and preserving strong financial foundations, the President will carry forward the University’s track record for growth, improving quality of education and research. Near term focus will include:

  • Building bridges to board, faculty, administration, staff, students and alumni to establish trust.
  • Assessing all aspects of the university and its context to ensure optimum structures, processes and resource allocation.
  • Bringing a business mindset to evaluating opportunities for growth and program quality improvement.
  • Preparing for ongoing specialty accreditations.

The President will lead the university to the next level of regional, national and international reputation and recognition.


The university seeks an extremely broad gauged leader who has acquired skills and experience in three arenas: business, healthcare and academia. This role requires business acumen and experience leading and managing a complex, multi-location, multi-division/department organization through growth and improvement. The changing external environments call for strategic assessment skills, and the complexity calls for great operational management skills. The role calls for effectively building bridges to multiple stakeholders and constituencies, all as part of polishing and executing vision for the path forward. The role also calls for change management skills to bring everyone together in moving toward the evolving future. The President will have a profound sense of responsibility, adhere to policy, have a collaborative mindset, and be globally focused and culturally attuned. The President should be a forward thinker who is not averse to risk, has a high moral conviction and is sensitive to school traditions. The President should be charismatic, empathetic, a great listener, and enjoy people interaction. Other personal qualities important for success include being broad-minded and practical, approachable, respectful and responsive, someone who leads by example and “captures the audience”.


The University offers a competitive compensation package including base salary, performance bonus and deferred compensation, along with normal benefits.

Download a PDF of the MCPHS President Position Specification.

MCPHS University is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates a diverse commu­ni­ty. We seek to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

For questions, please contact Jeanine Mount at or Sheryl Cheal at