Spring 2023

What is Commencement week?

Those participating in Commencement may also participate in award, pinning or academic specific ceremonies. Graduates can contact their Academic Deans or Academic Program Directors regarding academic specific ceremonies. Commencement Week also covers other notable events like regalia pick up and the graduate exit survey completion.

Who can attend the May 2023 ceremony?

Candidates from all campuses, including online with December 2022, May 2023, and September 2023 graduation dates.

When will graduates and faculty find out information about Academic Ceremonies?

Academic programs will outreach to candidates and faculty regarding Academic Ceremony logistics. Faculty can outreach to their Academic Deans or Academic Program Directors with questions. Please note Commencement information, logistics, tickets, and registration are separate from the Academic Ceremonies.

Is registration required for Faculty and Staff who are attending Commencement?

Yes. All faculty and staff who are attending must register by March 20, 2023, so we can order regalia and coordinate logistics. If you are unsure about attending, we encourage you to register.

Does the DCU have a bag policy?

Yes. Small wristlets of a MAXIMUM SIZE of 5x7 inches will be permitted. Medical bags & diaper bags will be allowed and will be checked prior to entry. All other bags such as cross body, larger totes, back packs, duffle bags, etc. will NOT be permitted.

How long is the ceremony?

The Commencement ceremony will be approximately 90-120 minutes in length.

I am a faculty member who is also commencing, which form do I complete?

Please complete the graduate candidate form that was sent to all candidates.

On the day of the event, am I able to help the Commencement Team?

Yes. Faculty and staff can assist the Commencement Team prior to and after the event. Please complete the volunteer form before March 20, 2023. Please note the volunteer form is separate from the faculty registration form.

When can faculty pick-up regalia?

Faculty can pick up their ordered regalia at the Faculty Meeting on May 1, 2023, or prior to the start of the ceremonies on Commencement Day.

If I have my own regalia, can I wear it?

Yes. If you have your own regalia, you can wear it to the ceremony. Faculty still need to register to attend, regardless of whether they are ordering or wearing their own regalia.

I have questions about graduate honor cords?

Please visit the Student Handbook regarding honor cords.

The Commencement Team will be distributing gold honor cords and Veteran honor cords at regalia pick up days. Student organizations, professional organizations and academic organizations are responsible for ordering and dispersing their own cords.

Who should be contacted with questions regarding Commencement?

All questions regarding the Commencement ceremonies can be emailed to the Commencement Team. Information regarding Commencement is also available on our website and in emails to MCPHS email accounts.

What parking and/or transit options are available for faculty and staff?

Information regarding parking logistics and transportation will be released later.

For alternative travel options, visit the DCU center website.

Are hotel amenities available for faculty and staff?

Attendees can visit the DCU Center website for more information.

Where can I find information for graduates?

To help us in spreading the word to all eligible graduates, we ask all members of the MCPHS community to familiarize themselves with the candidate information website.