Residence Halls

Can students with no in-person classes live in the residence halls?

No. Only students who are enrolled in hybrid or in-person courses may elect to live on campus.

Do students with approved exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccination share residential spaces with students who are vaccinated?

Yes. Students with approved exemptions for the COVID-19 vaccination share residential spaces with students who are vaccinated.

Do I need to wear a mask in common residence hall spaces?

Masks are optional in residence hall spaces. Masks are currently required in all MassArt buildings, including the public areas of the Treehouse, with the exception of the Dining Commons. You must abide by their mask requirements for access.

Students are encouraged to follow the practice that makes them most comfortable. We are a mask friendly institution.

For questions about Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations and COVID-19, please contact the Office of Student Access and Accommodations (OSAA) at or 617.879.5995. You can also visit the OSAA COVID Information Website.

Are there cleaning and disinfecting protocols in place?

Residential common areas are cleaned regularly throughout the day and evening. In addition, students are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting their bedrooms and other nonshared spaces in the residence halls.

What happens if someone in my residence hall tests positive for COVID-19?

Following CDC guidelines, everyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 must isolate for 5 full days regardless of vaccination status. If cleared from isolation on day 6 by the COVID-19 Team, you must wear a mask (KN95, KF94 or N95) mask at all times while around others until the completion of 10 full days.

Residential students will be expected to isolate in place or at home, if they are local. Nonresidential students will be asked to isolate in their off campus housing or at home. During isolation individuals may leave their living space (wearing a well fitted KN95 mask) to use the restroom, pick up food/supplies, dispose of trash, etc. Specific instructions will be given to individuals who test positive.

Individuals exposed and have not tested positive, regardless of vaccination status must wear a mask (KN95 or higher) and monitor for symptoms for 10 full days after their exposure and test on day 5 after exposure or sooner if symptoms develop. For those symptomatic, you must test and isolate until your test results are released The COVID-19 Team must assess your symptom status and will provide you with the appropriate guidance.

Students who are in isolation should contact their faculty regarding their academic coursework and submit for a documented absence.

Are guests allowed in the residence halls?

Yes. Non-MCPHS visitors must be fully vaccinated and boosted, if eligible, and be able to provide documentation if asked.

Residential students are:

  • required to sign-in their guests
  • responsible for their guests while on-campus
  • required to escort their guests at all times
  • willing to attest to their guests' vaccination status via the sign-in form

Are social activities allowed?

MCPHS staff has organized both virtual and in-person programming to engage the residential population, support the mental health of our community, and relieve stress to support the residential community. All in-person programming adheres to state public health guidelines.